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“The songs are conveyed with straightforward approach and transported onto the progressive rock/metal platform agreeably, making for a well-structured and commendable album worthy of respect. "”

“SomeonElse will hit you in the face with everything they have, and you will want the beat down to continue.”

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“The production, by the band themselves, is powerful, dynamic and nice. All in all this is a really nice album that I’d be happy to recommend to fans of modern, melodic, proggy and interesting metal.”

“Melding a refreshing batch of modern heavy elements together with detailed song structures that challenge the listener, someonElse offers an abundance of strong material for fans of bands such as 36 Crazy Fists, Finch, Karnivool, and Fair to Midland.”

“The song [Winter in July] is like a powerful Chuck Norris roundhouse kick and should knock many people right out.”

“Their debut LP is a solid punk-rock influenced record that demonstrates excellent and catchy guitar work, ferocious drums, solid basslines and powerful vocals... Definitely support this upcoming band.”

“SomeonElse should probably consider renaming themselves Something Else, as that’s exactly what they are. They are heavy, tight and best of all a fucking great band. Mixing alternative rock with post-hardcore and turning everything up to 11 is the kind of thing the industry needs right now.”

“The whole album is called the doomed and I am loving it... I very very much recommend it.”