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“On this particular Friday night, a night when I hadn’t planned to embrace a new band, they caught my attention and made me re-think that notion. Their music and energy hit a nerve and I was able to connect with them in a way that doesn’t happen for me very often.”

“This Publication has been pretty kind to Some Fear None. Still,after being nominated for a sammie in the hard rock category last year, the group's certainly been putting some work in to impress fans,too.If you've listened to SFN's last release-2013's Break Hold and Elevate-It's easy to see what all the fuss is about.When the quartet isn't killing it with driving rock riffs on the unrelenting single, 'Exit Wound', singer Nathan Giguiere turns in solid performances on weighty tracks like 'Painstaking',giving the songs added weight.Some Fear None brings the rock like nobody's business. Bonus: Oleander headlines this one. 1000 k st, www.somefearnone.com”

Brian Palmer - Sac News N Review

“Gabe Cheng—the son of late Deftones bassist Chi Cheng—joined Some Fear None onstage recently for a cover of the Deftones‘ “Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)“. Live footage of that can be seen below with Gabe fittingly on bass. You may recall a few years back when Gabe joined the Deftones onstage in San Francisco, CA.”

“Some Fear None (hard rock) – May 16, Burn Halo headlining “Grunge” is truly a tough term to really nail down in terms of a specific style of rock. But however you define it, there are certain elements from the “big three” of grunge (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden) that can be found in the fast-rising local rock act Some Fear None, as well as a bit of that “other” grunge band, Alice in Chains. Meaty, rhythmic riffs and power-charged vocals are the calling cards of this polished quartet that has the feel of a band ready for the big time.”

“Some Fear None on the cover of February 2014 issue of Threat Con Nation Magazine”

“No signs of Stopping interview and Cover photo!”

“There is a certain vibe to Some Fear None, a dark and sultry vibe that captivates the audience and invokes the same kinds of feelings that one can relate to a first kiss or first love.”

Shawn Ernst - Threat con Nation

“With a sultry rock sound,Chuck Carrasco on guitar, Nathan Giguiere on lead vocals, Gina Salatino on bass and Jason Weisker on drums make up Some Fear None, and they have been playing their kind of rock since 2010. With moving drumbeats, constantly driving bass lines, lilting guitar and lead vocals reminiscent of Eddie Vedder, SFN has settled into a sound that can be described as melodic rock balladry—grunge lullabies that take you on a sweet, dark journey.”

“This band has been the most liked band over the last year.They pretty much Win the Most Liked/disliked contest everytime we play them.”

Andy Hawk - Local Licks krxq 98 Rock

“Their Sound? Heartfelt. The vocals are hypnotic, setting the tone for a humble richness that is reminiscent of Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam). The driving rhythm of the bass and melodic riffs give a unique grunge/alternative sound while retaining the grit and punch of hard rock/metal. Their Shows? No Gimmicks. No bells and whistles, just good music by true artists who are moved by the moment just as much as their audience. The music itself is the show and needs no over the top representations. You will come away from a Some Fear None show feeling inspired and in love with their vision.”

“They truly have created their own unique sound and don’t try to put themselves into any particular genre or subgenre of music. They do what they are best at, creating their own unique and original sound and have a stage presence to back it up!”

"Great sound! Awesome arrangements, good dynamics. Really enjoyed it."

Dan Cribb - Sacramento Musician & Music Fan

"Some Fear None brings the heat and makes my tummy tingle!"

The Mouths of Babes