Someday Never / Press

"The Natural Trend of Breathing hammers down Someday Nevers sound with such effortless perfection that its intimidating that this is only a 7 track EP. Someday Never are showing why pop-punk and New Jersey are still synonymous, all while breathing life into a tired genre." - Mammoth Press (9 out of 10)

"This EP is the shoe that comes out when people tell you to put your best foot forward.. They are talented, creative, and if their music says anything about who they are, they are crazy. I believe they have started a new philosophy, the natural trend of making great music." - Skyline Press (9 out of 10)

"I'm fucking impressed... [Someday Never] creates the feeling of a new, distinct sound." - DrivingThru.co.uk (9 out of 10)

"These songs sound huge. There is nothing to stop this band from being on every Next Big Thing list, or from having their record on every pop punk fan's CD rack. Things are only going to go skyward for these guys. I'm glad to have heard them when it all started." - Wrank Music (5 out of 5)

"If a band’s success was measured by how genuine, welcoming, and down to earth its members were, the Rolling Stones would open for these guys and Bono would do their sound checks. But even if they weren’t such nice guys, you’d still need to check them out. Their second release, “The Natural Trend of Breathing” is a captivating mix of punk/pop/rock, so chock full o’ melodies and catchy choruses that it will have you singing along instantly." - TheArtsRock.com