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“kelton, i just litened to few more of your songs, do u really know how talented you are. in my opinion, what separates you from lot of other musicians, is that you tell a story with your songs, and also hearing and feeling the sincerity in your voice and music is what makes you a wonderful musician. i love your vocals, it draws me to u, i just want to keep listening, the emotions i can feel when you sing it's amazing, you are magnificent!! be ever so proud of yourself, i give you a pat on the back, a hug, and a kiss, you rock!! xoxo”

Anna Chowsukhum - Face Book

" I think one of the better things about being a musician with Kelton is he's not afraid to try anything. He's always exploring, so it's fun. He keeps you on your toes."- MikeRyan - Bass player for False Step