J.Charles / Press

“Look out world! Have J.Charles and SOLSTARR got something for you!”

Thornell Jones - Fortress Marketing

“SOLSTARR is one seriously cool soul collective. Their groove is so tight and funky, they'll have your head nodding and you won't even realize it. With the added element of J.Charles' sultry vocals, SOLSTARR is one of soul music's finest!”

Samera Owsusu Tutu - Shook Magazine (UK)

“I came all the way from the UK and was blown away by [J.Charles and SOLSTARR]! I can still hear the soulful sounds in my ears and it kept me wanting more!”

Godfrey Fletcher - Neo2Soul Promotions (UK)

"More than a cult favorite, fans of [SOLSTARR] wait in anticipation for the release of J.Charles' debut album, entitled, "Love Liberated Vol.1."

Amalgamation Magazine

“J. Charles Phillips, an exceptional singer in his own right, was brilliant and consumately charasmatic in his role as the well-intended yet flawed Malik, an aspiring journalist who confuses duty with love until the shocking revelation that rocks him to his core forces him to change his way of thinking.”