Solo Sexx / Press

"[Heather and Julia] are quite accomplished rappers as well, able to incorporate freestyle into their songs with ease. Song topics explore themes such as being broke and white, and even celebrate “being free to perform the self-pleasure their name is shouting,” according to their MySpace page. They don’t fall into the whole generic beats area of hip-hop, but instead have homebrewed beats[....] Plus they’re local, and they rap better than some of the big-name artists you might find out there today. Solo Sexx also hosts a bimonthly Thursday DJ night at Diva’s Nightclub, quite an impressive feat for a local rap group. The group does a number of big gigs in the area as well[...] Solo Sexx gives the XX chromosomes something to shout about in rap, a largely male-dominated music genre. This is not your average, dime-a-dozen pop group singing about guys and girls in the club. This is Solo Sexx."

“Solo Sexx, despite the name, is an act that inspires participation. Either with their jump-jivin’ dance moves or with their lethal feminine flow (they rap), they’ll be sure to inspire some hip shakin’ dancing. The dynamic duo of Heather (The Vulga Vulva) and Julia (The Velvet Vulture) have been rocking the Amherst Area for the last year, and are now the house band at Northampton hotspot Divas along with their in house DJ, DJ Megha. This set showcases just how far the duo have come in the calendar year since their last Sweet Baby Lou appearance, dropping stellar new beats and tracks like “The Precedent” and “Post-Man”, which features a grinding beat by Megha herself and of course raps that aim to destroy the male-dominated genre that rap music has become. With this set, spring has officially sprung.”

“Following Quarterlife was the all-girl rap group Solo Sexx. By far the most unusual entry in the competition, Solo Sexx was like a cross between Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century and Missy Elliot, complete with luminescent back-up dancers and plenty of glitter. Perhaps despite of their unique appearance, the girls were undeniably talented, and brought home top scores for the first round.”

“They are serious about representing and voicing something, though. How they get their message across may not seem elevated, but their message is of their highest importance. The highest importance – as a musical being – is to be different. They want to present something that makes people stop and think, “Oh, wait a second. I don’t think I’ve heard that before.” From their identity to their product, Solo Sexx aims to single out female empowerment in a light that many have not been brought into.”