Solipsist / Press

“...Solipsist is a death metal outfit that just doesn't fit nicely into the standard definitions of the genre. I say that for a lot of reasons. Listening from song to song, there's clearly a strong death metal element here, but there's also a lot of American extreme metal mixed throughout the sound. Take a song like "Steal The Sun" as an example. It's as brutal as anything you will ever hear, and yet it has a breakdown with a clean vocal that sounds closer to something heavy from a Machine Head song than anything I've ever experienced in typical death metal... Without question though, the best element of Solipsist is their musicality. Being completely honest, the days of fast drummer and average playing have ended, which causes most death metal to be rehash and fairly similar sounding. Not so here. These songs are fierce, with a level of musicianship seldom seen in this genre. PITRIFF RATING - 96/100 ”

“Cleveland-based metal band Solipsist cops a sinister vibe on its debut EP, Medicate the Masses. And even if we can't understand a single word Noah Buchanan growls on songs like "Dead Derelict" and "Paralyze You," the battering rhythms and piercing guitar licks come through loud and clear. The group is made up of guys who used to play in the local bands Belligerent and Amentia. But this tough team-up turns out to be more than just the sum of its parts. There's an authentic crunch to the music that stems from a shared love of all things fast and loud. On its MySpace page, Solipsist filled in the "Sounds Like" tab with "an epic battle between a legion of vikings and a horde of ninjas." We couldn't have put it any better”

Scene Magazine