Soleb Theory / Press

"Impressive and confident songwriters, Soleb Theory's tightness shines on the disc's opener "Selfish Me" sporting massively complex funk grooves that Parliament would be proud of. They transition into thrash breakdowns that would make Marty Friedman green with envy."

"Drew Colcher, guitarist and vocalist with Wichita’s Soleb Theory cut his musical teeth on heavy metal while growing up in Garden City but later became enamored of funk rock, especially when he and original bassist Alejandro Alamos began playing together. Alamos’ percussive style of playing lent itself to funk music and that, coupled with Colcher’s interests set the template for Soleb Theory."

“Playing an eclectic mixture of punk, funk, metal and ska, this band's rhythm section features a flare for Latin grooves played expertly by brothers Alejandro and Andres Alamos. Singer/guitarist, Drew Colcher, [is] an intense performer who is very serious about his music..."”