SOLARE / Press

“I certainly look forward to a full length album from the band, judging by their versatility and style.”


“Their songs are catchy with shoegazing guitar laid out neatly and folded amid hypnotic rhythms. Good stuff. -”


“The dreamy, atmospheric pop stylings of Los Angeles based band Solare are begging to be heard.”

Come PIck Me Up

“Solare’s new EP, The Story of the Moon, is only five songs long, but they’ve got you hooked. You want more. You say to yourself, “Hmm, I wonder what this three-piece could accomplish given more songs to show off?””

Amber Hensen - The Red Alert

“ith a shimmering new EP , The Story Of The Moon, and a rampant desire to tour, their should be no holding them back.”

Decoy Music.com

“These guys are about to start making serious inroads into the L.A. music scene.”

JT - LA record