Solachi Voz / Press

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, CHH has the dopest female MC’s ever, and Solachi Voz is right up there with the best of them!”

“Her message is one of grit and determination. The way she delivers her message relays her mindset about Christ and her craft in general. Listening to Solachi Voz is like listening to that Senior that just graduated successfully in your major.”

“So many people want to be become rappers. So many hearts yearn for fame and attention. Christian rappers and secular rappers alike need to examine the reason for picking up the mic. You want influence? There’s an ‘Interview’ for that position in Solachi Voz’s latest release.”

“Real talk, CHH has a multitude of dope female MC’s, and that makes me smile. Solachi Voz is certainly in that category.”

“Heart for others, very genuine..a leader. You can feel a difference.”

Rebels Night Club

"One of my favorite MCs hands down, no matter if she's a female; there's no gender line with hip hop like this"

DJ Symphony, Raekwon's Official DJ

"A gem that's yet to shine! I'm so blessed to have her on my label and as my sister in Christ!"

Prophocey, CEO of Real Music Records

"One of the best female artists CHH has to offer...and this is just the beginning."

True Swagg Radio

"Great flow and great delivery and melody, could be a good surprise out of the Midwest."

Ebert Nrope - XXLMag.com

“One of the best female lyricists in the MidWest.”

Cypha Circle

"A breath of fresh air...can't wait to see her at the top."

Jay - IndiePower

“So far, this is about the most entertaining local music I've heard in a while, you and your crew always bring heat...give me the word I'll ride for your crew. Great music.”

Jake - Exxodus's Official Page

“OMG!! This is amazing!!! So proud of you! Get it girl!”

Rebekah - Official Page

“Truly something something special; a welcome surprise.”

Fan - Facebook