Solace of Requiem / Press

“Casting Ruin is a masterpiece from start to finish and will leave you wanting MORE of what SOR has to offer. This band breaks a major barrier that few have dared to cross, proving that they are capable of anything. If someone told you that high voltage was a bad thing, then Solace of Requiem will prove them wrong. The band has also had some great feedback from fans and webzines around the world on previous releases. Casting Ruin WILL crucify, dominate and take over the world like a massive storm of sickness! So get off of your fucking asses and get this killer album when it hits stores! I am giving this album a 9.5/10 stars based on such amazing precision, musicianship and most of all: ORIGINALITY.”

“The songwriting as well as the performance are very high levelled. This band has a unique style which consists of technical death / black metal parts and high speed blasting bass drums and a singer that constantly barks at the moon. Kinda like Hate Eternal but with more black metal influences to give you an idea of what Solace Of Requiem sounds like.”

“This is the sort of relentless yet unpredictable that can drift off into classical segments and then effortlessly veer back into brutality via way of countless tempo changes and double kicks which will send your head into a spin. Indeed, there are times when I’m so enthralled by this opus that I’d even go as far to say that this posse is one of innovation, and with those incredible atmospheric moments injected – particularly the closing instrumental ‘Bio-Alchemy’ – I am happy to report that modern technology does have its benefits within heavy metal, and that this sort of stuff most probably would not have existed several decades ago. So, with its continued references to space and all things intricately cosmic, Solace Of Requiem’s fourth release is one that should transport you to some otherworldly realm via its unorthodox chambers of brutality.”

“SOLACE OF REQUIEM have come along from the depths of the black hole to deliver us a great album, very powerful and very technical with complex arrangements, a blend of different styles and becoming that way something unique and innovative. RATING: Masterpiece! 10 out of 10”

“This album is everything a good technical death metal album should sound like, but like nothing this reviewer has ever heard before. Get this album now!”

“Solace of Requiem is that rare breed of band whose prodigious instrumental skill is matched by its compositional prowess. How this group remains unsigned is nearly unfathomable to me. The Great Awakening is an album at the crossroads of progressive, brutal and technical death metal. It is a challenging listen of both majesty and savagery, and it is well worth your money.”

“Promptly after recording their second opus ‘Utopia Reborn’, Solace Of Requiem embarked on several tours in the United States and in Europe and regrettably had to face some line-up changes. Their deal with Ruptured Silence Records came to an end and since then the band has eagerly been trying to find a suitable label to release their third effort ‘The Great Awakening’, but no luck so far and therefore the band decided to self release it later this year. Solace Of Requiem has just returned from the “Resurrected In Europe Tour 2010” with Resurrection but unfortunately I missed out because ‘The Great Awakening’ has once more become a great output for this great technical death metal band. I am surprised why no record company wants to make them an offer after listening to this fine piece of death metal ridden with thrash metal hatred that will pound your ears with fast paced and mid tempo excruciating riffs, fills and growls.”

“Na hoppla, offenbar kommt guter technischer Death Metal derzeit doch nicht ausschließlich aus Kanada, denn diese U.S.-Amerikaner aus Virginia Beach legen mit "The Great Awakening" ein erstaunlich reifes und saftiges Brett vor. Angereichert mit einer gehörigen Portion Technik in Kombination mit brutaler Dynamik klotzen SOLACE OF REQUIEM hier amtlich einen ab und machen deutlich, dass sie einiges auf dem Kasten haben. Auch wenn sie bereits auf den Vorgängerwerken einen relativ guten Job abgeliefert haben, stellt "The Great Awakening" ganz klar ihren derzeitigen Höhepunkt dar. Mit einem ordentlichen Maß an Melodie, gezielten Breaks direkt zwischen die Augen, erfrischender Dynamik in Sachen Geschwindigkeit und einer schön derben Growl-Stimme, die glücklicherweise nie in völlig übertriebenes und unverständliches Brummen abdriftet, watschen SOLACE OF REQUIEM den Hörer ab und präsentieren musikalische Kost, die zum Aufhorchen anregt.”