Soft Plastic / Press

“It`s also released in September the debut "Halilopeux" by the Viennese indie-pop duo Soft Plastic. Marco Divic and Nina Leinwatter fish with their title song here in the magical waters sparkling sound of the early 90s. Names such as Sonic Youth, Pavement, Sebadoh and many more buzz through my head after this beautiful pop piece. The duo, with their distinct mix of styles, in all cases have me on the hook, which turns to fit wonderfully when you interpret the different meanings of the band name. If the other songs of the debut will come along in such a loose Pop vibe, then "Halilopeux" could represent a working acoustic therapy for the impending autumn depression. Whatever may the title of the album mean.”

“...Vienna, we've discovered what a great music scene the city has, and in Soft Plastic we could have found the best of all. The duo formed last year and will be releasing their debut EP 'Halilopeux' next week. Here we bring you the title-track, and it's a bit of a blockbuster. With an indie-rock sound they might not be exactly revolutionary, but the quality of this tune is better than many bands ever get close to. It will remind you of many hallowed alt-rock/guitar-pop bands, and we can even detect a slight hint of Sad Day For Puppets in some of the guitar. It's not for that reason that we're heaping praise on this song though, that likeness is most probably down to having similar influences, namely those of the US alt-rock scene of the 1990s. It's one thing picking a style and being decent musicians, but writing great songs is where the wheat is separated from the chaff, and this track is pure wheat..”