Sodajerk / Press

“Pittsburgh’s own alt-country band deserves a record deal. Bouncy tunes, great hooks, and plenty of drinkin’ and cryin’”

Performing Songwriter

“For rowdier roadhouse swagger, check out Sodajerk........taking pedal-steel cues from Atlanta’s “Redneck Underground.” They are anything but slick and sugary, with songs that toy with tear-stained jukebox tropes about “drinking and killing yourself ” such as “Carbomb (To the Heart)” and their crowd-pleasing standard, “F--- n’ Fight........it’s not a real Saturday night of honky-tonkin’ without a shiner or two, they figure.”

“Best Country Band/ Staff Pick: What sets Sodajerk apart is how its rollicking, drunken slur gives a nod to country music clichés without becoming engulfed in them. In fact, these guys have more in common with the snotty disobedience and rowdy/sad songs of the Replacements, circa Tim and Pleased to Meet Me. That means they're cut from a similar tear-stained cloth as old-guard honky-tonkers Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell and Ernest Tubb. The real trick is rustlin' up those spirits in a modern context while making the music their own, and Sodajerk pulls it off.”

“This is not your typical OTP line-dancing pop country drivel. Nor is it is your grandaddy from Dawsonville’s tried and true traditional country. Yes, there are elements of raucous Cash and rebel Jennings but there is a touch of psychobilly and strong dose of the Replacements too.”

“Hardly old-timey but not jarringly revisionist, Sodajerk 2 runs the gamut of country hybrids. There's the high-octane hoedown of "Fuck n' Fight" alongside tearjerkers like "She Must Love Leavin'"; the country-billy opener, "Head On Collision"; and the raucous western swing of "Carbomb (To the Heart).”

“The brand new "Sodajerk 2" is a diverse and confident leap forward for the band, both musically and lyrically”

Jeff Clark - Stomp And Stammer

“The brash and punchy roots-rock of Pittsburghs SodaJerk is exactly what youd expect of a group who hold a strong appreciation for the old-school country (and all the drinking that goes with it) as well as AC/DC and The Replacements. With primary songwriter and guitarist Bucky Goldstein as the key focal point, The Jerk fill out their self-titled fourth release with a sound most like their live performance: guitar heavy, swaggering, somewhat raunchy rock that smells of beer and reeks of a good time. Granted, theyve taken on the classic themes inherent in the genre heartaches, loneliness, drinkin, love and law troubles but keep it attractive with a raw, good-natured sound thats always keen with a strong vocal or lead hook. Power drummer Poppa John Tucker takes on a rough growl fronting the power rocker The Ugly Truth, which he co-wrote with Goldstein, whose coarse and weary voice holds a captivatingly stark presence.”

Miles Of Music

“In one word: delicious! The self titled fifth album from Pittsburgh's alt country/rockabilly mainstay is clever, catchy and fun. A bit Replacements, a tad Pete Yorn, perhaps some Wallflowers and pre-experimental Wilco, SodaJerk smokes through your listening room with a BBQ swagger. Singer Bucky Goldstein's voice has never sounded better! Every one of the originals on this CD are imprinted with SJ's witty lyrics, brilliant guitars, genius bass lines and powerful drumming. "Dear Disappointed" is a rocker, full of energetic riffs and aggressive vocals. "Handcuffs" epitomizes SodaJerk's sharp songwriting. "The Ugly Truth," with percussionist "Poppa" John Tucker taking the microphone, will knock you down to size. Song number nine, "Final Resting Place," continues this strong rockin' performance into the final third of the album. Definitely grab a copy!”

Music Underground Magazine

“Sodajerk is the roaring hotrod Ford of Pittsburgh bands. They project an image of recklessness that seems so real it just can't be made up. They know heartbreak like most people know their children, and they pack it all in with a country sound that is more like Johnny Cash than Toby Keith. It's hard walking away from a Sodajerk set feeling bad, though. For the most part, the songs are driven by old-fashioned country energy as if the band was an old Briggs and Stratton engine working through some high grass, but their metal roots shine through with jagged rifts that cut to the core. The new, self-titled album will feature more of that side of the band.”

Cranberry Journal

“The music itself is a mixture of the kind of punkish country that Jason and the Scorchers are good at and Sun rockabilly revved up for the new millenium. High energy stuff”

Freight Train Boogie

“Sodajerk is brilliant in it's own right. These guys play country like it's meant to be played: recklessly full throttle, with swagger and attitude that reminds you how fun music can be”

Tribune Review

“Sodajerk indulges in an outsiders country music, dealing with more in country acheypes and an iconic distance that pure country is often oblivious to. Which is to say that, specifically, Sodajerk plays drinking music. It may be country rock n' roll, but it's still rock n' roll”

Bob Melvin - Pittsburgh City Paper

“Sodajerk plays a fantastic (and incredibly active) kind of Americana rock with all the classic country instrumentation. They holler through a dust cloud of their own creation, kicking up every bit of turbulent ruckus-lovin' attitude that a passel of whiskey-and-beer-swillin' dudes can find”


“Honest, surprisingly literate and unapologetically loud, Sodajerk might just be the kick in the ass that, for the roots movement, is long overdue”

Dallas Observer

“The SODAJERK recipe is so fundamentally brilliant, you wonder why other bands haven't tried it. Mix the boozy, brainy rock of the Replacements with the tear in my beer twang of vintage country music”

Beaver County Times

“Sodajerk is the perfect example of a country-rock band staying true to the roots of country and doing everything else right”

Performer Magazine

“Sodajerk just might be some sort of musical supergroup from an alternative universe......the band's music is filled by a blazing, hell-bent intensity few bands seem to muster anymore”

Tribune Review

“Sodajerk still have an Iron City swagger to their pedal-fueled country-rock. The band trades in witty lyrics, rollicking guitars and memorable melodies. They can be tender. They can be tough. Sodajerk seemingly has an endless supply of fun.”

Jeff Weiss - Miles Of Music

“Sodajerk returns with their perfect blend of rock, country and rockabilly musical stylings. This album gets your toes tapping and head nodding about five seconds into it, and doesn’t let up”

Prick Magazine

“The self titled Sodajerk album is a strong, confident record that demonstrates one band's restitution to the opressed spirit of country music. Sodajerk write the type of music that makes a night on the town; the type of sound that every jukebox would be lost without.”

Ryan Hoffer - Shuteye Records

“Sodajerk's twangy debut album may have been the most unjustly overlooked local release of the year..seeming to come from an alternate universe where REM was born in Memphis instead of Athens.”

In Pittsburgh Magazine