Social Deception / Press

"Boom for Real" makes me want to piss the bed and wrastle a doorknob. Cool.

Roughhausen - ReverbNation

“Blow my speakers with your new track.We Hunger for more is a great track.Excellent atmos and sounds.Keep the good work,you do it well!.All the best always!! :D”

PepeluX - ReverbNation

“We hunger for more is really well made with fantastic lyrics and singing. I love it.”

STRANGER - ReverbNation

“Oldboy, i just love your new composition, your music in general. I'm looking forward the day when we can play together my Brother! Carlos ”

THE ZURREALS - ReverbNation

“LOVE the music! Dark, haunting, like a pulse, I could SO record to this! AWESOME!!!! Respect, Nyla ”


"Great build on Caged Tigers, great bg FX. You created a mystic atmosphere. CHEEERRRRZZZ!!!! RAWWWRRR!!!"

VIKING CRUE - ReverbNation

"Forget the micro-brewed beer, make mine Molotov, too---I luv your carnivorous bea(s)ts and erratic notions and flaming sounds! Your video was beautiful as well, I especially liked the ending. Keep it burnin'!"


"angry, gritty, and real, great sound and strong lyric's carried right through on every track"


"Thanks for fanning. "The Downtrodden" is a strong track. I'll make sure to check out your album on iTunes." -Jane

Jane Silence - ReverbNation

"I listened right through all your songs last night and was well impressed. I will have a great week now after that! Thanks again," Amelia

Amelia Ellis - ReverbNation

"Caged Tigers is awesome. I love the groove to it, very dancy, perfect for the club. But perfect to just throw the headphones on and chill too."

POGROM - ReverbNation

"way cool songs and unique sounds!!! Follow your musical passions they will make your dreams come true!"

X11X11X - ReverbNation

"Second Rennaisance, rocks, excellent tune keep doing what you do, kudos."

WORDSMYTH - ReverbNation

"I love all your artwork, it really matches the music which sometimes can be quite hard to achieve, loving the sound also! xx"

Anna La Fleur - ReverbNation

"digging the tunes more and more"

ROUGHHAUSEN - ReverbNation

"your video for the second renaissnace captures the mood and atmosphere exceedingly well." like the gas mask , sort of captures a sense of been in a chemical war zone.


"I enjoyed all the tracks. Keep making muzik for the masses; your message will be heard loud and clear d*_*b"


"what a great racket this is, i honestly think it's very good , the raw 80's feel. Reminds me of Throbbing Gristle."


"Second Renaissance is great! I hear bits of AL in the vocal style in places... but overall more melodic than his vocals. I also really like the critical content of your overall concept. Really nice! I can't wait to listen to more..."


"Love the drums, the distortioned guitars and the waves of the vocals of Raw Feed"

CMONGROOVES - ReverbNation

"damn i think this song is better than the song Marilyn Manson just made lol yeah very nice..."

Cookie - Myspace

"Love the new track man, Big, Big Drums - Awesome!!"

Emotional Arsonist - ReverbNation

"Second Renaissance is captivating, awesome drum work. I love the vocal layers and the dramatic effects you have applied!"

CMONGROOVES - ReverbNation

"great new song-love your page as well."

LISABE - ReverbNation

"Anthem keeps banging in my head, AWESOME!"

CMONGROOVES - ReverbNation

"I like Make mine a Molotow too... You got some really cool dark strokes! /Karin/OOQ"

OUT OF QUEBEC - ReverbNation

"Make Mine a Molotov is a great song...."

LISABE - ReverbNation

"Awesome, creepy."

Ruby Bullet - Myspace

"thank you for always having the catchy shit...even years back you got my attention with your music...keep it going and stay focused through these shit ass times..."

Dianna - Myspace

"Anthem RULES not able to hear all the the Mike Mine Molotov but what I heard evokes true emotion and delivers a sadness from you about the life machine."

Taka Fu Taka - Myspace

"Dude,I really love forsaken,So bad ass!"

Spanky Payne - Myspace

"Hey, thanks for bringing good things to Vermont. Us folk out in the hills really appreciate it."

Goddess from the Gutter - Myspace

"hey Pay it forward kicks ass. its my fav one yet. keep it up!"

Promises Kept - Myspace

"Powerful sound you have here! Keep up the great work!"

Experimental feelings - Myspace

"Really like your stuff. Keep it coming. Thanks for hooking up."

Emotional Arsonist - ReverbNation

"I love your music! I'm glad you finally got some up here for me to enjoy!"

Skot - Myspace

"Awesome stuff! i'm loving it, but especially Anthem!"

Annabelle - Myspace

"The Downtrodden was my favorite of the 5 I heard. Very fuckin' cool!"

Biiiiiing Jason Wells - Myspace