Social Butterfly / Press

“Social Butterfly “Tears for You” This song sounds like it was recorded in 1967! There’s a Jefferson Airplane vibe going on here and it’s TRIPPING ME OUT! #OTTband”

“Last week I went to see Social Butterfly at Sonny's Bar and Grill on Baxter Road in Ottawa. First things first, the smoked meat sandwich was amazing, poutine gravy, yum! I was able to meet the band!!! I also ran into an old h.s. friend which was pretty cool! I love Social Butterfly, good vibes on this one. Sadly they're playing at Zaphod's tonight and I'm unable to attend :(. This band is amazing up and coming, can't wait to hear them and their originals again soon.”

“Social Butterfly is an Ottawa based independent band whose music evokes a refreshing dose of grassroots, psychedelic rock acoustic guitar and vocals reminiscent of a time when music was the medium for the message. Whether its their intent or not, Social Butterfly's music says something while at the same time delivers sweet melodies, hard rhythms and a little bit of something for everyone.”

“You are following your bliss - love it! And I loved your demo on your band page, inspiring! ”

“Some Acoustic love Ottawa?...I think so Social Butterfly and MJ Cry will be performing an acoustic night of indie/folk music for your ears to enjoy. A few months back I was able to catch Social Butterfly's set @ The Rainbow Bistro. A vibrant display of acoustic love and vocals was all I needed that night to enjoy. Vocalist Anne Farouk along side guitarist Brian Lake provide a night of entertainment you should not miss. ”