Soapbox / Press

“Hey Eddy - I listened to your CD this evening. A couple of times. It was better than I hoped. Like listening to something special for the first time. It reminded me of discovering John Prine. And that's a good thing! Legitimate, credible, well produced, recorded, performed, and written!!! I loved it!”

“Soapbox’s latest album, Lead Filled Can, is the long awaited recording from Richmond, KY’s Eddy Green and Owen Reynolds. With a folky, Americana vibe, rooted deep in the Blues, the music will keep your feet tappin’ time while the lyrical stories sang by Eddy grabs the imagination and sends it straight into the hills and hollers of Eastern Kentucky. With songs like “Three Blind Angels”, “Broke”, and the title track “Lead Filled Can” being included on this recording, it would not surprise me if big things happen for these small town fellas real soon.”