Soapbox Army / Press

"The Maps EP took us on a fun and memorable, yet sadly short journey that left us only wanting, craving more. This is the band at their best. The only scary thing is, that Soapbox Army has yet to hit their ceiling."

“...“Say Something New” opens with something that I cannot describe as anything other than sass written into music. This song is one that I would stomp through a crowd with my head held high to; not often does a song make me feel as confident as this one does."”

"...when is music more than music, and why does ‘Soapbox Army’ sound so damn good at being great?"

“Maps features solid compositions with subtle complexities, highlighted by the opener “Say Something New”.”

"...an intriguing and energetic rock quartet with a slew of awesome tracks..."

"I’m sitting here recovering from a phone call with my Satan boss and drowning out his voice with Soapbox Army’s Maps. Three original songs, a cover and a nice rock sound, that’s how one could sum up this album for a cheat sheet."

"The lyrics, melodies, guitar, drum work and vocals all work cohesively throughout the album as there is not one dull track on the entire record."

"...rock with anthemic vocals built for large audiences and a more than solid rhythm section..."

"With a nice touch of electronics, and some high class vocal work, ‘Soapbox Army’ swoons and attracts and never ever let go."

"...real true American rock reminiscent of an equally great band The Gaslight Anthem (only with more of a punch)."

"Their self titled debut album showcases Dan Tucker's crisp vocal tone and his talent for unconventional pop melodies."

"Soapbox Army managed to strip away the excess in order to craft a wonderfully poetic debut record (self-titled)."

"The quality of this album is top notch for indie rock."

"Soapbox Army wields a sophisticated debut release, containing great production and an interesting array of unique songs that should appeal to the pop / indie / alternative rock crowd."