Snowbyrd / Press

“Hard-driving, chugging guitar rhythms, melodic songs with off-kilter Phish/Meat Puppets/Grateful Dead (pick your generation) harmonies, a flair for weird turns, and, of course, a proud lo-fi aesthetic are all combined on the band’s self-titled debut (Saustex). And it’s a winning concoction.”

“With an arty Americana approach that actually resembles Polvo or Pavement colliding with the laconic approach of Centro-Matic, these San Antonio natives self-admittedly blend Mott the Hoople with electronica and Bowie with Badfinger”

“Snowbyrd's sonic palette encompasses raucous garage rockers, lilting country-tinged laments and charmingly retro pop.”

“sorta like Rank and File, with a revolving Spinal Tap bass chair – a potent mix of desert-dusty psych and y’allternative that sounds to these feedback-scorched ears like a blend of Lazy Cowgirls,Rich Hopkins’ Luminarios and Woodeye. (# 3 in yearly Top 10)”

““Light It Up” kicks things off — a perfect soundtrack to one of those beach-party movies if the kids had a little better taste in music... like nearly everything else on the album, remains on-point but unpredictable throughout. ”

““In My Blood,” “Light It Up” and “Is It On?” blend the band’s influences better than anything they’ve yet created, and the rest of the tunes aren’t far behind. A masterpiece is around the corner. ”