Snipes / Press

“Soulman Snipes resonates with an older, more mature crowd. He is a truly different, conscious Memphis rapper who often performs with his soul band Nu Session, and was chosen to represent Memphis at the Apollo in Harlem. The hip-hop future of Memphis is beginning to look brighter again.”

“Impressive to say the least! by Matthew Magbee Favorite Tracks: My point of view, Cadillac ,Sam's Song 4 Stars!! Being privledged to listen to Snipes' much earlier drops, I can easily say that the growth of this artist has really come through on this latest release. The beats , production , lyrics are well thought out and provide much more detail about ones experiences and struggles than most veteran hip/hop artists. Snipes and the entire Overwater crew are really turning over a new leaf for hip/hop and the City of Memphis.It's a relief to listen to REAL people speak about real life. Not that I have near the amount of musical talent as this crew, I will say that by the end of the album many of the tracks resemble each other one way or another. I only gave 4 stars due to the amount of tracks that started with " It's Snipes!" The powerful lyrics and melodic hooks seem to blend into each track. . I give this 4 stars. I hope you enjoy my review ”

“I have to say out of all the artists I come across in the city of Memphis,TN, Snipes is one of the few that harbors more than one talent. He sings, raps, and produces and the fact that his music is REAL and gives a message lets me know that he has a purpose and it’s to tell stories through his music. When I first heard the song, I was impressed because he stepped away from the norm and took it back to storytelling. If you know me then you know I prefer a track with a great story over any other type, so, to me, this record is a winner! Check out the video for his single “Alright” off of his album My Point of View, which will be dropping soon.”

“If it is true that you only get "one chance, for your chance to blow," one song thenMemphis native, Snipes, had a great first impression with me via his song, "Alright".I get a lot of BS across my desk, especially the whack sh*tin amounts you guys wouldn't even believe.Snipes, however, is a breath of fresh air in a leaguefull of people saying they are a breathof fresh air. It is always good go hear new talentfrom anywhere, especially the city of Memphis.I expect to hear more from Snipes and I hope to hear from the kidsoon. So check out the Q and A we got with theKid, Snipes, himself, and like a few of your other nowfavorite artists, remember, you heard him hear first!”