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SNEW / Press

“True Rock comes from the heart. And balls. Guys like Snew, whose debut "Snew You" was posted on the swamp by the Mystical Goddess Mari and which you should check, have boiling whiskey and gasoline instead of blood. And they play Rock that could make even the most jaded bastard between you scream, shout and dance. And goddamn, they rock like hell. Everything good about their debut is pumped up to 300% here. Their singer Curtis screams like a banshee on a coke binge, the Angus Young-o-phile guitars drop one super riff after the other, the rhythmic session will make you shake like you have the crabs. It's just perfect. I swear on my collection of Sabbath albums that I cannot listen to this album without shaking my booty and jumping around like a teenager. It's the best up lifter of the month, or possibly the year. GO SNEW!!!”

Sludge Swamp

“WE DO WHAT WE WANT definitely captures the sound Snew established on their debut disc SNEW YOU but more importantly, it takes the band in new directions and moves it away from being simply another AC/DC “clone” band. The big surprise is how they have focused all of this into a cohesive disc that at first listen is good head banging hard rock but on subsequent listens exposes a multilayered sound that continues to grow on the listener. If Snew don’t watch it they could be the next big thing.”

“ 'We Do What We Want' kicks this off with a rowdy energy that leaves you wanting more. And Snew delivers. Turn up 'Get Loud and you'll get just that. Louder. Harder. And you're just halfway through the CD. 'Power Pack' is going to be a Snew classic and 'Who the Hell Are You' is simply hard rocking fun. Sure, talk guitar technique, drumming skills, vocal prowess and mention all the "sonic volley " you want. The fact remains that his is about as good as raw hard rock gets. ”

“Die Essenz des schweißtreibenden Riff-Rocks haben Snew mit "We Do What We Want" jedenfalls einmal mehr eingefangen. Dieses Werk ist rundum eine Glanzleistung und wird die Mannen auf dem Weg zur 'Snew World Order' jedenfalls ein gutes Stück weiterbringen. Bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass die Herren auch weiterhin nur das zu tun gedenken, was sie wollen - denn damit liegen sie goldrichtig! ”

“The new SNEW cd "We Do What We Want" is kickin' my ass! The boys in SNEW have nailed it! If you're looking for some REALLY good straight forward rock & roll, this is it! I strongly suggest that you get this release if you haven't already! Raw,raunchy,powerful & despite what you think it sounds like,it's still all it's own! These guys are a band to keep an eye on for sure! SNEW THE WORLD!!!!!! ”

“I am a sucker for some good raunch & roll, and SNEW’s We Do What We Want delivers the goods. If I had any complaints, it would be that this CD ends far too fast. Good thing I have a repeat button! Grab your copy of this CD in the SNEW store, and let the headbanging commence! ”

“Snew is back and channeling AC/DC and The Stooges with all their might! We Do What We Want is what The Stooges would've sounded like with Bon Scott on vocals, the party rock flows like a raging river seamlessly from one song to another in a ten song bash. Vocals are solid and electric, backed by excellently hard instruments that would drive a bar to destruction in a glorious blaze! Pacing doesn't give you a rest... but you won't care as you'll have to force yourself to sit still from dancing and thrashing to Snew's signature sound, a sound that is best when speakers are turned all the way up. Lyrics are a perfect blend of living your life for yourself, partying, drinking, fighting, and hooking up just the way hard party rock should be. Choice cuts are the title track, "Private Stash", "Knock It Out Of The Park", and "Power Pack". Snew gets a solid 4 out of 5 for We Do What We Want.”

“Snew's We Do What We Want is solid American hard rock: blistering, rollicking, and fist pumping action. Informed by classic 80's hard rock and legends of the past, Snew delivers the goods with skill and enthusiasm. And, by the way, it passed the road toast. So buy it, crank it up to 11, and ride with it. Very recommended.”

“These guys are seriously good. Title track and opener explodes through the speakers, exuding confidence, energy and a definite fuck you attitude that holds true throughout this all too short ten track album. One CD should not be allowed to contain as many hooks as this does, and I haven't been disappointed with any of the tracks. Feedback and Distortion is a sleazy monster, Who The Hell Are You underlines the hard rock fever with a dose of blues, while the power and the pace is a constant running through it all. Snew's debut album Snew You was named by SleazeRoxx in the top ten albums of 2008 - released at the end of March, We Do What We Want is surely a contender for top ten of 2010. Now I just need to get my hands on Snew You. As for you, dear reader, definitely get this one, and if you haven't got either album - get both.”

“Dude, the album "Snew You" will be your Summer Album I promise. You know, the one you never take out of your car. The lyrics are as deep as you want to take them, and the overall sound is hard rocking, raw, upbeat, and captures the same feeling Zeppelin had in their prime.”