Sneaky Tiki and The Lava Lounge Orchestra / Press

“ITEM: Next weekend marks the return of Portland’s annual tropical drink wingding Tiki Kon. For those desperately in need of some suave saucing opportunities, this little island-hop can’t be beat. On Thursday July 14, there’s a tiki-inspired fashion show at Tony Starlight’s Supperclub (3728 NE Sandy Blvd) starting at 8 PM. On Friday the 15th, the faithful will gather at Ella Street Social Club (714 SW 20th Place) for a surfin’ safari with righteous rock ensembles Guantanamo Baywatch, Surf Weasels, and Wave Sauce! And the Big Kahuna bash, the Tabu Extravaganza, will put a stopper in the bottle on Saturday the 16th at the Kenton Masonic Lodge (8130 N. Denver Ave). This sophisticated soiree will include exotic foodstuffs, vintage vendors of all sorts, and the musical stylings of Sneaky Tiki and the Lava Lounge Orchestra! Good lord people! What more could you possibly want?”

"When one embarks upon the travel into the world of TIKI 'the subculture', one immediately thinks of Martin Denny. In mid-century Americana, the TIKI movement, was a sensation. Adapting parts of the look, feel and sound of Polynesian culture was prevelent."