Snatch Magnet / Press

“The sound quality of the CD is superb, the vocals are very strong and instrumentally it sounds crystal clear, all 7 tracks are winners, mixing almost every possible Rockstyle with a fresh updated modern approach. This band could be huge. ”

Strutter Magazine

“This album is a seven-song, time-traveling lesson on the history of party rock, with diverse songs that examine everything from jazzy rock, classic rock, funky rock, jean jacket rock, 80s new wave, modern rock, and especially rock. ”


“This is what you want to listen to when you need to put the everyday grind on hold and just rock out for a bit. ”


“Instrumentation gets you tapping your foot right away, while vocals draw you in further for a one-two punch that gets you addicted to Snatch... Magnet, that is. ”


“Snatch this disc up – Now ”


“Snatch Magnet - was hierzulande für viele wohl nur irgendwie bescheuert klingen mag, wird für Leute, die des Englischen mächtig sind, schnell zur Lachnummer: übersetzt heißt der Bandname nämlich so viel wie - Achtung! - 'Mösenmagnet'. ”