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"SNAPM climbs higher". And they're about to get a whole lot higher this Friday as they will fill a legit opening slot for reefer royalty hip-hop legends Cypress Hill at the Cuban Club in Tampa. Musical revolution is a common theme forged by Sarasota-based post-punk-hip-hop outfit SNAPM, but the bands steady advancement over the past year might be better described as evolution

Tim Sukits - TICKET

“It´s the voice of revolution that comes through as Kelly commands the microphone and the other musicians find the groove that makes them a band. The camaraderie of new beginnings is felt throughout the interactions that the players have with one another as Kelly stalks the stage, spitting out words with dizzying speed. With infectious hooks and a truly original blend of musical styles, a SNAPM show is always high-octane and a joy to watch.”

“Not only will attendies bask in the lyrical glory of National hip-hop kings Cappadonna, Kinetic 9 aka Beretta 9, and Baltimore MC Ratchet Rush (all long-time Wu-Tang affiliates), but also get a chance to groove out with local funky hip-hop project SNAPM...”

Tim Sukits - TICKET

“If you consider yourself a connoisseur of the punk rock variety, then you won't miss this in-your-face line-up at Pastimes. S.N.A.P.M., who have promoted a number of diverse shows in recent months including the recent Zig Zag Zine release party at Ringling College, comes with a brazenly unique mix of Post-punk/hip-hop and jazz. Post-punk/hip-hop inspired vocalist Matteo Mayhem joins jazz fusion pianist Will Sime, slap-funk bassist Edward Clark, rock drummer Anderew Fieberts, saxophonist Alex Bennington and scratch DJ Maconbeatz to produce a whole new breed of head-banging harmonies.”

Tim Sukits - The Ticket

“Taking Place at Ringling College Center Deck and Roskamp Exhibition Hall, the party not only involves the school much more than past events, but also features a substancial increase in the number of local artists scheduled to perform. This time around, S.N.A.P.M. will be complimented by some of Sarasota's most-sought-after acts, including the Equines, Fancy Rat, Son's of Hippeis, Nomads of the Nook, and a version of John Lichtenstein's ongoing experimental music project know as The End of the Dial Tone. Even the after party at Growlers Pub will have bands on display with local's Cassolette and Blood Bats.”

Tim Sukits - The Ticket

"Hammers are for people who can't hit hard enough" said my friend Hank. In the same brain space, Matt "Matteo Mayhem" Kelly's latest project might be music for people who aren't outraged enough. Melodrama aside, the DIY slam poet has held the crown, serving uncompromising conviction since the days of Porch Magazine. And now that he has a backing band, Matteo should soon be collecting his due.

Greg Ferris - Creative Loafing

"But wait, it's not over yet! The mind-blowing funkadelic grooves of S.N.A.P.M will also be on display, with an explosion of Punk/Pop/Electro/Hip-Hop/beat-spinning maddness.

Ed Milder - Creative Loafing

“Love poetry slams but tired of overpriced coffee drinks and clicking your fingers in mute approval? No worries, this weekend the Rico's Pizzeria by New College is hosting a massive bohemian get together complete with slam poetry, live music, zines, and--most importantly--cheap beer and pizza. SNAPM (Speak Nothing About Project Mayhem) will be performing it's eclectic brand of, let's say, funked-up hip-hop. No cravats or berets please.”

BR - Creative Loafing