Snake Skin Prison / Press

“I get Snake Skin Prison everywhere it's like a rash!”

Matt Chips - Chips

“This three piece puts it out like there were 5 guys onstage. Non stop action and sound the whole time they are onstage. They are our version of metal gods here in Austin.”

“SSP is always welcome in my house. You guys are great. Im still amazed at how much sound 3 people can produce”

"The Hardest Working Band in Texas"

“Snake Skin Prison offers 11 unapologetic tracks of Jager-and-Beer-soaked barroom metal with "9 Kinds of Bad"”

“With an infectious flare for that rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, the sound of Snake Skin Prison is in-your-face, hard-hittin’ and literally brings out the rock ‘n’ roll hell-raiser inside us all, as quite obvious in the bands recent release of 9 KINDS OF BAD!”

"The club was packed with Metal Heads!!!"

"Alcohol of Fame...that's your Free Bird"

Loris Lowe - Local Licks 93.7 KLBJ FM

"Rock n Roll straight down the back of your throat, my favorite Hillbilly!!"

Bdoe - 93.7 FM KLBJ - Radio Interview

“Dem Boyz is BAD!!”