“Snakeroot and the likes of them might have the key for opening the gates to the international music industry if there is such a gate for Turkey.”

“In my life as a reviewer, or musical treasure hunter, I rarely come across some incredibly polished gems that I instantly like and yet, give more every time I listen to them, becoming more and more impressive and likeable well, in Snakeroot’s uber impressive debut.”

“Snakeroot takes the good part of what the eighties hard rock music scene was about and crafts their own personal style of rock music”

“Snakeroot are doing it with a touch of class and individuality that should see them reach higher heights throughout the rock world”

“Snakeroot will be up there as one of the big metal bands to come out of Turkey. What they need is the right Promotion company and record label behind them”

“Certainly one of the best independent melodic rock releases this year...”

“Whilst slightly quirky, Snakeroot could gain a foothold in the niche marketplace.”

“My first encounter with a Turkish rock band was very promising. If the band continues like this it can only be a matter of time before a label will pick them up.”

“If this band continues to make music like this, big things are destined from them like the bands that have influenced them.”

"Downtown To Ghetto" is an excellent job for the band from Istanbul and I have to say that's it's a great surprise for the fans of the band"

"This band have a great knack of penning memorable choruses and there are plenty of tasty guitar solos throughout the album."

"There's an occasional injection of Heavy Metal, Punk, and even some NWOBHM antics, but overall the basis is a very nice Melodic Rock, which should find fans with lovers of AOR and the harder Rock styles alike!"