Snake Eyes Seven / Press

“A Heavy Metal album capable of hooking metal and melodic rock fans alike Metal album appealing to rock and metal fans worldwide. (2010) ”

CM Distro

“It’s a good, fresh sound. The slab of rock that Snake Eyes Seven serve up here is surely going to get your juices flowing. Cole Stevens’ guitar work is mind blowing. If you have been looking for a recording that will get your rocks off from start to finish, GET THIS ALBUM!!! And be prepared to GET ROCKED! ”

All Access

“the music and playing on display are top-notch. There is much to sink your teeth into on Snake Eyes Seven’s second release,13 Crows. The album sounds killer, “David and Goliath” continues the heavy Zeppelin vibe. Very cool Indian-inspired solo break. This is music to witness live Steven’s meat-on-the-bones guitar tone. Here is no denying that Snake Eyes Seven is an inspired and very talented hard rock band Snake Eyes Seven are good, and right on the verge of greatness. The next Snake Eyes Seven album could be one of the best releases of the year. ”

Hardrock Haven

“Guitarist Cole Stevens definitely shines though out the disc. Drummer Johnny Bland and bassist Moscow provide some solid rhythm Ken Stone's vocals add a pleasant weight to the songs, rivals Axl Rose, Brian Johnson or Rob Halford. If you're looking to rock out like it was 1989 all over again, this is the disc for you. “Snake Eyes Seven’s ’13 Crows’ is an album fans of big 1980s-style riffs will be crowing about” ”

Metal Undeground

“Hey, SES...thanks for the tracks! :) Just wanted you to know, that you guys are currently our #1 FEATURE ARTIST. Listen to the site player, & we'd sure appreciate you spreadin' the word. METAL UP!!!! \m/ -”