R.L. Walker / Press

“With a title like FROM SUNSET TO SUNRISE, saxophonist R.L. Walker sets the tone for some sensual and romantic late night magic on his latest album. Creating easy, laid back grooves behind his passionate dreamy lead horn melodies, he creates the perfect Smooth Jazz chill album, opening doors into a dreamy, atmosphere rich realm full of lush, powerful moods and a relaxing flow. While many artists simply gather a bunch of their best tunes, Walker’s idea was to invite listeners into a deep, memorable experience. Over ten tantalizing tracks filled with sweet soul and passionate emotion, he allows listeners to experience a “Sexy-Saxy” musical escape... FROM SUNSET TO SUNRISE, you’ll have this one on repeat!”

“Malibu Chaser, by RL Walker is a fantastic ride into smooth Jazz Heaven. The song is very laid back, and shows his amazing talent. The song is mixed very well too. Listen to it in headphones for a great experience. The songs comes from the album 3rd Times The Charm, which is a wonderfully produced, soulful delight. So get a glass of wine, and zone out to RL Walker. You will love it.”

““Hot, soulful, saxy Smooth Jazz wth full bodied sax playing from R.L. Walker (Smoothnsaxy) on his THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM! Nine soulfully, spirited tracks ranging from seductive ballads to upbeat jams, showcase an exciting new direction… one that utilizes fresh beats and new grooves to support Walker’s horn work, which also digs in deeper. Songs like “Malibu Chaser” “Pocket Change,” and “Cubana Flow” show off a new side to the artist. He sites his inspiration on his website, while maintaining his own signature sound, “I really sat back and listened to many dynamic performers such as Walter Beasley, Boney James, and Najee while creating this CD.” As they say, THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM and in this case, it absolutely delivers the goods! ~SANDY SHORE””

““Many Facets is the perfect album to listen to if your’re trying to relax, unwind and have fun. Each song is a masterpiece on it’s own and creative and original. R.L. Walker did a fantastic job on this album.””

TNLW - Fan Review

““If you are looking for a new CD that flows and blends, this is the album for you. R.L. Walker’s sound is reflective and yet celebratory. The musicianship here is first rate, and Walker’s interplay on the sax is equally impressive. This album (Many Facets) is worth seeking out.””

WIll30350 - Fan Review

““relax & let the sound take you away....””

Blizz65 - Fan

““Great Album!! Urban Hangsuite type grooves. Very smooth.””

Dre Mcdowell - Jazz Fan

““The mastermind behind Smoothnsaxy and Ear Relevance, R.L. Walker, releases a new solo project featuring smooth, sensual saxophone and cool upbeat grooves! MANY FACETS shows the multiple sides that this artist is capable of delivering musically… from the chilled grooves of the title track (featuring Walker on an alluring xylophone), to upbeat jams like we’ve been dancing to on “Up In the Club”! The artist calls this collection “laid back neo-soul,” which he says encompasses his everyday spirit. The chilled Washington D.C. saxophonist’s main object is to make people happy… MANY FACETS will deliver big on this promise. Download, sway, smile!””

““Wow! This is really smooth; it compliments relaxing after a long hot day at work or a weekend rest; or a nice evening with that special one....this is nice stuff....””

KPMusic5 - Jazz Fan

““Great 1st full project. Really smooth. Definitely the CD you want if you’re looking for music to relax and/or groove to””

D. Bartee - Fan

"in our opinion the performance is strong, and the songs themselves well though-out, certainly well above the average material that permeates the current market."

Mark Stanley - SoundTraxx

“This cleverly titled album, EAR RELEVANCE, serves up smooth and chilled sax grooves from beginning to end. Slow jams and mid-tempo tunes that are sure to make your days more relaxed and your weekends more tranquilo! Smoothnsaxy is the brainchild of saxophonist and composer, R.L. Walker and EAR RELEVANCE is his debut release. Fans of Najee, Kim Waters and George Howard will appreciate the Washingon, D.C. based artist’s laidback vibe here, with the Smooth Jazz single “Summer Swag,” currently making an impact with radio airplay! Each song blows through like a lovely, contemporary jazz breeze… with 9 tracks total. EAR RELEVANCE will put you into a calm, peaceful state of mind, now that’s relevant! Download your copy or purchase the full CD now and start smoothing out your world!”

“Smooth! Reviewed the album on the advice of my co-worker, the tracks deliver as he said it would! Beautiful sounds, especially the soprano sax.”

Jaime Caroland - Jazz Fan