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“Finally, our compilation and distribution in the world ... watch your favorite link and enjoy good music ... ”

“And with great pleasure that we announce the compilation of our distribution worldwide and will soon be sold through hundreds of digital stores around the world, and we make an extra effort with pleasure at the service of good music and talented artists; Smooth Jazz Time Project announces that it and already looking for new talent to join our second release .. keep in touch ... ”

“those below are just some of the awards that our group is getting, and this testimony of the daily work that we carry, we will update them if there were more. Thanks to all : 1) Jiordyn Clements, President/CEO, Revolutions Entertainement 2) The Coast Radio, Owner, Daily Operations, Producer/Music Presenter, The Coast Radio Online 3) Ralph T. Lofton,Jr, CEO & President, Raph'Ton Music Enterprizes”

“Continue to get requests for membership to our musical project called Smooth Jazz Time Project, which means that the interest and significant part of many artists who request it, we are very happy about what is happening and no doubt and one more reason to go forward and do better...”

Smooth Jazz Time Project - Admin - Announced a successful

“Smooth Jazz Time Project was created to offer a valuable opportunity for artists and music groups in the distribution through hundreds of digital stores scattered throughout the world, promoting their music content unprecedented global exposure and at the same time ensure a source of income monthly music properly verified all the material must have the main requirement to be novel or not previously edited by record labels or music, with this tool provides an opportunity to know and be known around the world and for artists to distribute and make known their music ...”

Smooth Jazz Time Project - Smooth Jazz Time (Compilation) New Release