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“a flying start last Friday with rockabilly hotshots Smooth & the Bully Boys ripping it up and laying down a challenge for all who follow to try and match. Kicking from the off, the band fired through a string of classic and self penned tunes that enthralled the constantly swelling audience, and had them dancing around the tables with delight. Smooth & the Bully Boys all-action, all-in wrestling approach to rock ‘n’ roll certainly proved to be a big hit for the early weekend crowd and a welcome breath of fresh air, as they leapt from table to chair climbing on the double bass and playing Jimi Hendrix style behind the back. Smooth & the Bully Boys make music with menace and a good time beat that just won‘t let your feet stand still and I’m sure we’ll be getting plenty more of their Smooth Bullying ways some time real soon. In fact I know we’ll be getting plenty more of them real soon and a lot more reelin’ and a rockin’ besides. Watch this space!”