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"Smooch Knob is a rare find in the NW. They actually have fun in a music scene full of grunge and pretentious indie bands. Their sound is like a buttery mix of Weezer, Presidents of USA, Bloodhound gang with clever, super hooky songs - Smooch Knob is having a blast playing music they love. With sold out shows full of fans singing along to every song. They are obviously doing something right in today's uneasy music world

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“Brilliant Portland Oregon Band! Very America, teen inspiring, snowboarding cross-over ”


“[GAY-CORE] Gay-core proponents Smoochknob are "out" to reclaim punk rock not only for weirdos and outcasts, but also for the queerly cheery bubblegum-pop fan among us, gay and straight alike. This Portland quartet's catchy tongue-in-cheek songs garner comparisons to similarly infectious and clever punky bands like Weezer and Presidents of the U.S.A. Smoochknob is led by drummer-vocalist and founder Donnie Rife formerly of Midwest garage rock legends the Meanies whose Elton John-on-Rivers Cuomo stylings offer lyrics with truly intelligent and subversive social commentary. The band's forthcoming album, Jr. High Anthems, promises ever more potent smooch for your hard-earned scratch.”

Willamette Week

“Willamette Week JH Smoochknob embraces an achingly personal nerd rock aesthetic, taped glasses at the ready, with lilting anthems of romantic desperation, nervy ballads of romantic desperation and, um, songs about wolverine. Possessed of a pop sensibility and geek-pride fervor that make Weezer & Nerfherder sound like Boss Hog. They deserve groupies who will fund an ever-escalating jones for X-men memorabilia.”

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