Kenny Peck & the Smoky Jack Band / Press

“Now, the seasoned singer and songwriter is back with Country Jack, a twelve-song collection full of solid, classic country sounds and strong songwriting, all bolstered by the artist's years of experiences. Peck kicks the album off with the slow going, pedal steel weeping, “Drinkin’ With the Moon.” His vocal is pleasantly raspy, ala later Bob Dylan or Don Henley and the arrangement hints at influences from old Mexico with the occasional guitar lick while “Singin’ That Old Kentucky Song” finds the artist adopting a bit more nasally twang to his delivery while the acoustic guitar plucks out a fine path. ”

Andrew Greenhalgh - Country Jack Review

““Each & Every Night” really has a classic soft rock vibe to it. The chorus and song structure both work extremely well. In some ways, it calls to mind the mellower side of Peter Frampton. It’s a great song and one of the highlights. Considering that everything here is quite strong, it takes a lot to stand out. This song does it.”

G. W. Hill - Naked Jack Album Review

“Following up last year’s Naked Jack, which explored various forms of Pop/Rock, Country Jack focuses on the Country and Folk sides of Peck's schizo musical personality. Steeped in a vintage Roots style (and peppered with engaging lyrics that range from bittersweet to comedic), the new album includes some top-shelf local players, including Harold Kennedy, Bob Nyswonger, Lisa Biales, Marcos Sastre and Jeff Roberts, as well as a few musicians from Nashville, Tenn.”