Smokey Robotic / Press

“There is nobody out there making this type of music.”

“I give up on trying to classify these guys – genre-wise, they are all over the place, creating a blend of genres that mix in colorful swirls to form the group’s unique sound.”

“If you’re a DJBooth regular you know our history of support for Smokey Robotic. Their the definition of alternative urban music. Its hip hop, but not really. And that separation, along with the obsessive atmospheric sound, is exactly what attracts us (me) the most.”

“Taking on a sound that’s difficult to definitively relate to anything (in a damn good way), the NYC / Vancouver based foursome builds off a funky and fun-loving sound to create an equally as oddly intriguing video.”

“What the fuck is going on in this video? What are these lyrics about? I have so many questions and yet am so intrigued and find myself watching the video again and again.”

“Like always, Smokey Robotic stays outside of the lines of current hip hop trends and creates a genre of its’ own.”

“How often do you see Redman collaborating with an up and coming band? Shoot, Redman has never really spit over something of this caliber.”

“[Candy Wolf] reminds me of the shit they play when I go chill with my white homeboys. As I listened to the song, all I kept seeing in my mind was sexy ass drunk white chicks on the dance floor. If you muthafuckas don’t know what I’m talk’n about, that means you mofos don’t get out much.”