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“Rapcine.com's Jaynovel speaking on an instrumental from Smokey J's "Comic Books & Hot Sauce" beat tape(coming 2013) - Once the beat started i loved the energy. Beat is funky, got that bounce i love. Chorus is dope. This beat is f****** nice. This catered DIRECTLY to me. Is that an MJ sample? This s*** makes me wanna rap again. lmao”

Jaynovel of Rapcine.com - Gmail

“If its a Smokey J beat then I'm at it!”

Smokey B of The Prophits 16 - Facebook

“Smokey J, a real producer who real bout they music not like all these other corny producers who'd rather sale their beats to a corny a** rapper for a pretty penny and never hear they work again instead of f****** with a real artist who mite take that song to the next level.”

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