Smoke Screen / Press

"Cleveland’s Smoke Screen took the stage and showcased what will probably make them the city’s next great hip-hop export."

"Smoke Screen finally drops its Ice Cold Water EP, and it’s a really solid effort. Fast flows, weird hooks, and some pretty decent beats, too."

"In fact, the album flows, quite literally, like a cool stream. From the backstreet wild style of the introduction to the extraterrestrial essence of the the ending and even on the call-and-response group vocal for the hooks, Smoke Screen knows how to curate a 20-minute that vibes perfectly and feels oh so good."

“Their expanding popularity in part can be traced back to the Coventry-based sneaker and clothing boutique Heart & Sole, which has turned into an unofficial headquarters for the local hip-hop scene and where Smoke Screen held a breakout performance a few years back. (Their booming notoriety caught the attention of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which handpicked Smoke Screen to open for hipster faves Das Racist on July 13 as part of the Rock Hall's Summer in the City concert series.)”

"AJB features yet another dope group, they go by the name SMOKE SCREEN, they are a duo from Cleveland Ohio! What we can say is that they simply stand out a bit and their sound cathes ur ear. U'll see what we mean once you hit the play button!"

“Ever wonder where all of the good old-school hip-hop went? Well, the first five tracks on Smoke Screen's debut, Self Educated Learning Process, could be what you've been looking for. "Go Now" and "Career Roulette" bring elements that hip-hop's been missing for a long time. Both feature basic looped beats and turntablist tricks. Once you get past those classic wonders, though, the album starts to lose focus. "Common Ground" sounds like what hip-hop has unfortunately become, leaning toward more of a mainstream hip-pop sound. The rest of the tracks follow suit. But if you want both new and old hip-hop in one place, Self Educated Learning Process is somewhere to find that. - Erika Schramm”

"Z miastem Cleveland do niedawna nie kojarzyło się praktyczie nic. Sytuacja trochę się zmieniła odkąd pojawił się tam Lebron James. Dziś jednak mamy dla Was propozycję nieco bliższą naszego gustu. Jest to nowy utwór grupy o nazwie Smoke Screen. Panowie w tym momencie kończą nagrywanie nowego albumu “Imagination Beyond Illustration”, którym ma się pojawić 21 maja. Sprawdźcie jak będzie brzmiała ta propozycja."

"Die bisher veröffentlichen Mixtapes haben mich ja nicht so vom Hocker gerissen. Bleibt abzuwarten ob die wohl irgendwo demnächst erscheinende LP “Imagination Beyond Illustration” mit der selben Entspanntheit um die Ecke kommt, wie der Appetizer. So, ich werde ihn mir gleich nochmal reinziehen!"

“Up and coming Cleveland, Ohio duo Smoke Screen has been lingering in the underground for quite some time now. They dropped their first album, Self Education Learning Process in 2007 and have since released 2 mixtapes.”

"With one full-length CD ("The Self-Educated Learning Process") and two mixtapes ("Punch Drunk Melodies Vol. 1" and "Vol. 2") to its credit, local rap act Smoke Screen -- MCs Tommy "Street Chemist" Sheridan and Rodney "Mooke" Mynatt -- has high hopes that the Northeast Ohio hip-hop scene is about to take off."