Smokehouse Junkiez / Press

“Also joinin’ ABK for this tour will be none other than the homies of Psychopathic, Michigan’s very own Smokehouse Junkiez! They held it down on stage during ABK's Orange/Black Shows and now they’re back to do it all over again!”

“First up, you know about the Orange/Black show that went down last weekend. It was such a good time that ABK decided he wanted to book two more! And those shows are comin’ up fast! October 14th he will be at The Muse in Nashville, TN and on October 15th he’ll be thrownin’ down a performance at American Legion in Frankfort, IN! Opening for ABK during these two Orange/Black shows will be Lansing, MI’s very own Smokehouse Junkiez! The last time you saw them perform was at The Gathering of the Juggalos and now you can catch them again with ABK!”

“just one of the many unbearably awful tracks from the explicitly sadistic, chain toking dudes that are Smokehouse Junkiez”

“Being able to host more Live shows in smaller intimate venues, has opened up the door for local acts to start gaining exposure in their hometown. Groups like the Smokehouse Junkiez, and record companies like Black Hoodi Records are now emerging, and beginning to show Lansing that real Hip Hop can be found in this city, it just needed a little opportunity to be heard. If you get a chance, go to the website, myspace, facebook, etc. of all of the aforementioned groups, and listen to their music. Support your local artists and get out to one of the great local venues we now have in Lansing, and help continue to build this LOCAL music scene that’s packed with talented people! ”

“You could tell somone had been there because of the Smokehouse Junkiez band sticker in the window”