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“Hi There.... Love the sound of Smoke at Midnight. Clean, clear cut, groovy, definitive, lively, easy listening with an abstract concretion of sound... and some really spiritual overtones.”

DC - Smoke at Midnight Press Release

“Here's what a new fan had to say about Smoke at Midnight.... "Awesome sound..great feel for the listener..I posted you on my profile...PEACE" (MF)”

Ray Abbott, Manager - Smoke at Midnight Press Release

“We are busy adding three new classics to the song list that highlight the greatness of guitar. Catch us at our next show to hear these timeless classics in Smoke at Midnight style.”

Ray Abbott, Manager - Smoke at Midnight Press Release

“Ray is writing again with two new tunes in the gunslinger style of instrumental guitar with Tight Thang and The Star. Both unveiled at their last live performance left the crowd wanting more of this timeless style of dance music. Stay tuned - Smoke at Midnight keeps getting stronger and will be releasing more great tunes soon!”

Ray Abbott, Manager - Somke at Midnight Press Release

“Smoke at Midnight is great said many fans tonight as we once again played at Dance Me Casini's. The band rolled out a new tune for salsa and knocked another one out of the park with our interpretation of Sirius by Alan Parsons Project. The band is getting stronger - you won't want to miss our next performance.”

Ray Abbott - Smoke at Midnight Press Release

"You guys are so smooth! Love your music and style" stated a new fan of Smoke at Midnight tonight on our 3rd live performance at Casini's dance studio in Post Falls, ID. With the addition of a handful of new songs such as el Dobre, The Star, and our own version of Stormy Monday, a tribute to blues legend T-Bone Walker, Smoke at Midnight keeps the crowd dancing all night long.

Ray Abbott, Manager - Some at Midnight Press Release

“Ray prepares the score for an old/new song... This Old Guitar. Feed back welcome... give it listen!”

Ray Abbott, Manager - Smoke at Midnight Press Release

“Ray has the writer's bug again... take a minute and listen to this new instrumental; Blue Skies "This is the stuff that makes guitar playing and guitar music so good for the soul"”

Ray Abbott, Manager - Smoke at Midnight Press Release

“A local dance studio is adding a private dance club to their venue and Smoke at Midnight has been approached to become the house band for this venue. We are both honored and excited with this incredible offer. No firm date when the club will open... perhaps in time for the holidays. WOW!”

Ray Abbott, Manager - Smoke at Midnight Press Release