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“Refugio-Drug cartels,shootouts and an old-fashioned Texas lawman. If you think that sounds like good fodderfor a song ,you're in good company. So did smiley cuellar,who was nominated for best new artist in the 2012 Tejano Music Awards. A retired Marine,Cuellar last year interviewed retired Texas Ranger Andy Lopez Jr.-now Refugio Police Chief-after hearinghis story from other residents. "I write about subjects that are close and dear to me",Cuellar said.The majority of my songs are about veterans or my service. Lopez story caught Cuellar's attention when,after 22 years of service in the Marines,Cuellar retired to Refugio.Cuellar,who served in Viet Nam,said during his service he often thought about writing a book,but corridos ,or Spanish ballads,also allow him to express his thoughts. Lopez initiated a traffic stop sept 21,1991,after seeing a defective headlight.As he walked up to the vehicle,he noticed the three people inside had stoic faces.See Refugio Tejano musician,Caller.com”

Julie Silva - Corpus Christi Caller Times

“Refugio-Gregorio "Smiley", Cuellar received word last week that he is nominatedfor New Male Artist of the year at the Tejano Music Awards. The ballad that earned him recognitionis Corrido De Andres Lopez Jr. which he wrote to chronicle the brush with death of retired Texas Ranger Andy Lopez Jr.,who now serves as Refugio's chief of police. Smiley sayshe likes to write about his life experiences,military men and heroes. "I can't write about things I don't know anything about,"he sayes. So his subjects are near and dear to his heart. The featured song tells about Lopez's encounter with drug runners who pulled weapons on the former trooper during a routine traffic stop.The incident was recorded by the dash camera and shown on television numerous times. During the shoot-out one of the drug smugglers was killed.The remaining fugitives were captured. Smiley's love of writing songs and making music began after his fathergave him an accordion when he was a youngster on a ranch in Sarita.”

Kenda Nelson-Editor - Refugio County Press-volume 52,No. 50

“Thank you for thinking of me.I appreciate your kind gesture,and I'm grateful for your support.It has been an honor and a joyous experience to be President of the greatest Country on earth, May God bless you,and may God bless America.”

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“Refugio-Leaning back in his leather seat,Andy Lopez Jr. tickles the air,pretend motioning the notes of an accordion-heavy song. "Se llama Andres Lopez Jr.,el jefe de policias,en el pueblo de Refugio,hombre de ley todavia,"starts the corrido,or Spanish ballad. The song was writtenby Smiley Y La Fuerza Musical,a South Texas band,and it's opening lyrics translated into English speaks truth:Lopez is the Chief of Police and he's stll a man of the law despite a 1991 shootout that gained national attention. "For someone to write a ballad about what you've experienced ----I'm humbled,'Lopez said when a member of the band presented him with the C D.It's an honor. The Shootout Sept. 21,1991,may look like a random date for most people,but for Lopez it is an unforgettable day even almost 20 years later. Lopez,a tall and sturdy,brawney mangets chills each time he tells the story of that night,the night he was forced to end a man's life to save his own.”

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