Smells Like Grunge, The Nirvana Tribute / Press

“Smells Like Grunge, the Nirvana Tribute Band is all about staying true to the band they imitate so well. ”We are putting on a play of sorts, trying to let people experience a real Nirvana show experience.” said frontman Jay Scott. That experience is something that you can expect from one of their shows, even down to the looks. SLG is one of those tribute bands that gives respect to the original artists by preserving the music as it was meant to be played, as well as delivering an experience that Nirvana fans are sure to enjoy.”

“Expect an excess of thrift store flannel, floral Doc Martens, and teenage angst this weekend when South Florida's premier Nirvana tribute act Smells Like Grunge rolls into Lake Worth's Speakeasy Lounge. We caught up with the trio a few months back where we gleaned that the act's drummer, Jay Scott, could be a solid Dave Grohl stand in and that lead singer Nick Rotondi has Kurt Cobain's cathartic howls down pat. Bassist Hector Diaz, who does a pretty convincing Krist Novoselic on stage told us the band will be performing a 90-minute set on Saturday with ''all the hits," and peppering in "some more obscure tunes for the die hards." The group covers the entire gamut of the storied grunge act's career, performing everything from the early Bleach years through bits of In Utero and even a MTV Unplugged tune or two.”

"Awesome night with West Palm Beach Tribute Band Smells Like Grunge!!"

“...Smells Like Grunge is a steadfast reference of talent and dedication keeping that spirit alive.”

“Nirvana is alive and well in Palm Beach.”