Smash Palace / Press

“You know what impresses me most about the latest Smash Palace? BESIDES the wickedly assured playing and gloriously computer-free recording throughout? Why, it was/is the SONG WRITING, (stupid)! The key to all great Pop and/or Rock, of course, and something none of us ever hear hardly enough anymore you know... ~Gary 'Pig' Gold www.garypiggold.com”

Gary Gold - www.garypiggold.com

“I TOTALLY love the new CD! And coming from someone who hears as much music a week as I do, that's no veiled compliment! At least 3-4 tracks are definites for airplay on my shows. We need to get you out on the west coast for a live performance soon! ~Dennis "the Menace" Scheyer, Just Another Menace Sunday on KUSF”

Dennis the Menace Scheyer - KUSF