Small town Jones / Press

“***** 5 Stars!! Sky down to the ground is a breathtaking album full of subtle storytelling, sparse yet effective instrumentation and dreamy melodies!”

Caitlin Arthur - Maverick magazine

“Vulnerable but with scuffed edges to his voice, Jones has more in tune with the folk-rock of early John Martyn, questing for hope, love and warmth rather than succumbing to despair and loss. A positive stance in a too-often gloomy genre, Sky down to the ground is all the greater for it **** 4 stars”

Andy Fyfe - Q magazine

“Songs of unpretentious Honesty - Like a British equivalent of Ron Sexsmith”

Nigel Williamson - Uncut

“Wilco-style tales of lost and lonesome outriders (sky down to the ground review - MOJO”

““Some records have an immediate impact - within a few bars you can feel the heft and weight of the songs. Though it’s just sound frequencies, they feel substantial. So it is with Jim Jones.””

“Sky Down To The Ground is, quite simply, a record that demands your attention. Words like “brilliant” are bandied about to describe virtually everything these days and, in writing this, I find myself at a loss to use any other descriptor. I woke this morning in Winchester and, without the aid of caffeine or my desperately needed first cigarette of the day, a dear friend put the album on. He initially played me “Little Blackbird”. I was, quite simply, awestruck. The song immediately wormed its way into my brain like some unknown Brill Building gem. The rest of the album quickly did the same. Incorporating infectious psychedelia, Jim Jones’ rough hewn yet soothingly warm voice, lyrics that both immediately engage and challenge, and music that – in the simplest of terms – turns the listener into an immediate addict.”

John Murry - (The Graceless age)

““Jim Jones has a beautiful way with a song that is soulful and unpretentious””

Ron Sexsmith

“****- Q Magazine (March 2012)”

"Dermot O'Leary-friendly, falsetto-loving Devonian hits the jackpot!"

““Jones specialises in intimate songs about life’s important moments. Timeless, classic stuff.” Four stars!! - Q magazine ”

“ “Someone who obviously cares” playlisted in Mojo magazine’s top ten tracks of the summer ”

Mojo Magazine

“A packed hall with standing room only saw Jim Jones take to the stage and silence any chit chat with his emotive confessionals and keening ballads. A troubadour in the real sense – just guitar, lyrics and voice. And what a voice!”

“EMOTIONALLY-cracked vocals, an understated, intimate delivery, sweet melodies, perceptive lyrics. it has all the hallmarks of a Jim Jones album. Subtly sprinkled with stunning atmospheric sounds and Daylight and Stars is well on its way to becoming a contemporary contemplative classic.”

“Electric Dustbowl - Review “Jim Jones had everyone mesmerised with some lovely tunes and cracked vocals. The least known performer here, he was a real revelation and his new album can’t come soon enough”.”

“Pouring his life into his music is what South West based Acoustic singer songwriter Jim Jones does best. Honest, emotional glimpses of moments caught in song and played with simplicity, sincerity and soul.”