Smack L of Raw Talent / Press

“My dear amazing talented friend, Great and so beautiful, Very cool and impressive! Great tune here! Absolutely love your universe. Have a lovely day* Warmest greetings from Japan, Ryo.”

“ay i checked out a couple of ya songs n you sound nice shyt”

“im diggin ur sound..whuts good?..”

“I LIKED your facebook page, gave you a top rank, (+1), on your reverb page for google, followed on twitter & I put your tracks in my queue and I hit the favorite button for them!!! I have been grounded from sending requests on facebook, :-) but you are welcome to request me... Also, if you have a myspace or if you want me to fan on any other networks just send them to me, because I WOULD LOVE TO SUPPORT... ;-) VERY GOOD WORK!!!!”

“You are an inspiration for all the real artist out there.”

“enjoying what i'm hearing..will definitely recommend you on our page”

“took a listen to your songs today....and loved them...have become a fan of yours..”

“Checked you out...You've got some tight music. Keep up the good work!”

“Respeck mi bredda nuff luv fi dat”

“Smack L! Thanks so much for becoming a fan! Nice work! Like your flow!!”

“whussgood i checked out yuh music! Keep Grindin! support & maddlove 2 yuh team!”

“Thanks, hope we have the chance to work together someday. You got good stuff”

“Love it dude...you should get down with us.”

“We Made It and Digging You are my favorites but they are all very good, congrats!”

“your tunes don't sound like anything I've heard. I'm not a big hip hop guy, because too many canned sounds and rhymes that are cliche. You are original. nothing but respect from this rocker. ”

“tonight im single! that shit hot.”

“good shyt...keep doin ya thang. true talk”

“Am feeling ur muzik hottest shit i heard in a while. It has inspired me and my fam to keep doin this muzik thang.”

“Love the Work!! Keep it up and Never Stop.. Respect and Shouts from Greece!!”

“Nice work!! Stopped by to listen and became a fan.”

“keep doin yo thang yall boys cold”

“I like what U created, it's very impressive and the production is above the top or top notch... I'm enjoying your track, specially listening to it on my samson monitors and headphones (nice panning). Thanxx 4 sharing... I'm hungry 2 hear more from U (and I'll do it soon:-... playlisted & 10/10 from me:)”

“Dope flow with raw ass lyrics, bruh! Made me a fan. Respect”


“im listening to your music right now sounds good keep up the good work.”

“alright im new to all of this how it going ? i havnt really got the hang of it yet but ur page looks kewl great music keep hard work”

“NICE!!!! Much success 2 U...Keep shinin'!!”

“Great Trackz!! Keep up the Good work & Thanks for your support!! Jason Millick J-Bird ProductonZ”

“Whts Good Just Peeped Your Music, Fanned, Nd Recommend. Good Shit! Im #1 In My Area Please Let Me Know Wht You Think. You Got My Support.”

“Notice You Up There On The Charts.. I'm Tryna Get There For My State Too. Check Me Out When You Get A Chance. SALUTE..”


“As With Life, If You give 100%, Then expect 2 Get 100%. Everything You do reflects everything You are. Never stop Gryndin 4 what U deserve”

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“We Raw Talent.. "Welcome to the RAW where TALENT is born!"”