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“'Never To Be Tamed' makes Vive Le Rock's top 30 albums of 2012 @ #23! ”

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“Slydigs does it again! SLYDIGS NEVER TO BE TAMED (Flicknife) *** Swaggering Mancunians bring the noise. Courtesy of the Mancvhester connection and the bristling indie contained within 'Never To Be Tamed', comparisons of Slydigs to Oasis are almost inevitable. What sets Slydigs apart from the trad-Brit rock titans however is the belting set of lungs on singer Dean Fairhurst. It's a good thing too, as it certainly elevates the occasionally hackneyed music to a different level and avoid dragging Slydigs into the terrifying pub-rock genre. There's even the odd flash of inspiration; 'Stone Cold Killer' is a punchy, swaggering lad-rock anthem in waiting marks Slydigs out as potential contenders. Rob Mair.”

“http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/665796_539080569453491_31974665_o.jpgSLYDIGS hits The Big Cheese”

"As influenced as much by Hunter S Thompson and Bertolt Brecht as they the Rolling Stones and The Clash, Slydigs lead songwriter Dean Fairhurst comes on like the second coming of Jim Morrison, leading a revival of rock 'n' roll poetry.... ..."Flicknife head honcho Frenchy says that Slydigs are 'the most exciting band we have signed in the last twenty years' He's bang on the money with that statement"

“'SLYDIGS are the latest spectacular find for Flicknife Records. An Alternative/Underground label in it for the long-haul, who have previously given us the likes of Hawkwind, Erazerhead & Inner City Unit, come up with yet another amazing band. Slydigs are surely the saviours of modern rock'n'roll, the pure energy of this album is quite astounding! One of our favourite albums of 2012... find out more @ www.slydigs.co.uk or www.flicknife.n.nu'”

“Hands down, utter perfection. Not a foot put wrong on these blistering, furious, roaring choons..."electric love" is simply magnificent..and with the strong vibes of Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and The Verve bursting from the seams, it reminds me of just how good solid, uncluttered rock n roll should be!!”

“SLYDIGS. Never To Be Tamed (Flicknife). Wild indie rockers from the Greater Manchester area. 9/10. At times sounding like a curious combination of the White Stripes, Oasis, Stereophonics and the Arctic Monkeys, it's clear Slydigs aren't averse to expansive guitar-led tunes. But there's a distinct 1960s R&B vibe about their sound too, just check out the brass section on 'Bang, Bang My Bullet Was Gone', and Dean Fairhurst's sublimely soulful vocals thought. Slydigs are one of the most catchy new bands I've heard in ages: the new single 'The Love That Keeps On Giving' and the bouncy title track both bear all the hallmarks of bona fide indie rock anthems. Commercial potential is high then and as the beckoning finger of mainstream success draws them ever nearer the big time, I don't doubt for a moment that Slydigs will be snapped up by a major label sooner or later. Rich Deakin. Vive Le Rock No. 9. Oct 17th 2012. ”

“On first listen, Slydigs’ debut album counjours images of Northern industrial towns, populated by messy-haired and bearded trendy boys in tight trousers and checked shirts. A quick Google search confirms this– Slydigs are all of the above. Although this genre is heavily saturated with this common image, there’s something refreshing in Slydigs’ sound. They combine catchy guitar riffs, echoing drums and haunting guitar licks to great effect. Lead singer Dean Fairhurst’s grainy and gritty vocals are both quirky and interesting. The beat creeps up on you like the ghosts of new wave past, mixing seventies glam, eighties lyricism, and noughties rock. There’s enough energy there to keep the listener interested but not so much that it feels unnatural or pretentious.”

“The influences of bands ranging from The Rolling Stones to The Stone Roses can be heard throughout Never To Be Tamed. The Love That Keeps On Giving is a catchy track that will be stuck in the listeners head for days. Wait Forever will have the listener tapping their toe while single Electric Love is sure to be a real stand out track when performed live. Final track Ain’t No Place Like Nowhere demonstrates a stunning vocal performance from Fairhurst as well as an addictive quality which will leave the listener wanting more. Simply put, the songs on Never To Be Tamed are punchy and to the point. They are just fun, guitar based rock songs. Slydigs have the potential to be a real hit if they manage to break away from the instantly arising, in your face stereotypes. Rating: 9/10 Standout Tracks: The Love That Keeps On Giving, I Can’t Wait Forver For Fans Of: The Fratellis, Jet, Stone Roses”


“Intro track ‘Worth your weight in gold’ kick starts the punchy rock and roll sound ‘SlyDigs’ carry throughout their tunes, great riffs, banging solo’s and lively, funky choruses. Quick breath and its straight into track two ‘Bang,bang & my bullet was gone’,.with a ‘Pixies’ sounding guitar intro backed up by a ‘Round our way’ saxophone. Front man Dean delivers lyrical poetry before flying into the chorus, nice solo’s, great vocals and a lively beat. Track three ‘Stone cold killer’ is a great bluesy rock n’ roll track followed by track four, the brilliant ‘The love that keeps on giving’ that kicks off sounding like a top 90′s ‘Charlatans’ track quickly picking up pace to get your head banging to some amazing riffs and delivery to resemble the best of ‘Primal Scream’, this song wouldn’t be out of place on a Glastonbury sunny afternoon shared with a Jamaican Woodbine Brilliantly uplifting! Read the full review: http://www.mancuniapromotions”

“'This energetic, fast paced rock n roll band went out and grabbed the guitar scene by the scruff of the neck, shaking up a scene that is now looking more and more likely to emulate the highs of the sixties and nineties. SlyDig’s have the drive, the hunger, the ambition, the image and more importantly the music. They instantly got out there and played wherever they could, building a fan base all over the UK with successful trips to Ireland included, there was nowhere these guys wouldn’t play in their drive to bring their fresh, thumping, energetic sounds to the new listener. They even go out doing pop up gigs from the back of a borrowed van to get their deserving tunes heard. It wasn’t long before the industry sat up and took notice of what this band were all about and in early 2012 they signed to Flick knife Records who cite them as their most exciting signing of the last twenty years…not bad!'”

“'The bands influences are diverse and range from The Clash to The Rolling Stones to Bertolt Brecht and you hear that in their music. For the younger listener there is shades of Death in Vegas and Kasabian with a much more driven sound. It’s not often you dance to indie music but with this band every song will get you dancing, it’s loud, it’s lively and 100% floor stomping rock n roll. Lead singer Dean Fairhurst’s melodic lyricism matches perfectly with Louis’ lead guitar backed up with thumping drum’s and a rhythm to ensure the dance floor matches the energy of the stage. Last week saw the band release their new album, the first under Flick Knife Records titled ‘Never to be tamed’, this album will without a doubt take SlyDigs to the next level and bless us all with another top touring band for years to come. Check them out at http://www.slydigs.co.uk for future gig listing’s, free downloads and album links.' ”

“/Featured Artist – SLYDIGS | Mancunia Promotions http://t.co/tj4aRQGq This fortnight's featured artist is the mega @slydigsband http://t.co/zfBSJtKf check our online magazine on Fri for the full album review http://t.co/zfBSJtKf http://t.co/KOxo1Pyw'”

“Manc 4 piece Slydogs believe in the transformative, trouble startin’, street struttin’ power of rock n’roll. Diving straight into a sea of blistering blues rock influences; the swagger of Give Out But Don’t Give Up era Primal Scream; the lip curled snarl of Jagger; the whiskey yowl of classic Guns n Roses- at their best Slydigs deliver face smacking thrills in pop sized packages. Recent single Electric Love has the catchy riffs and cheeky ska punk rhythm of a genuine hit. Whoever is on production duties has done a great job- the mix is dirty enough to keep that all important guttersleaze edge, but sharp enough for the pounding rhythm section to fill indie discos ‘cross the land.”

“Never To Be Tamed is a strong debut, and a fair opening salvo on England’s confused rock scene. Final track The Love That Keeps On Giving is a climatic finale, cut from the DNA of Sympathy For the Devil ( ‘woooo woooo’ backing vocals included) it closes the album on an escalating, triumphant peak. Ones to watch. 7/10”

“'Never To Be Tamed? It's fucking MONSTER!'DJ Gary Lee. Album of the week.”

“Frenchy Gloder, (Flicknife MD) says " Slydigs are the most exciting band we have signed in the last 20 years!" The band's online Debut single 'Eelectric Love' (which British music bible the NME declared as being "one of the five tracks you must listen to this week") was awarded video of the week on Sky Music Channel Lava and also the Radar Section on NME TV. Channel 4 has featured it on a new programme, "Fresh Meat" and channel Five have also featured it on the advertisement for up and coming shows. They have been invited to perform on a new music TV Show- Rule Britannia, set to feature on Sky 1 & ITV - In addition, their track Electric Love has been chosen to be the theme tune for the programme!! By Gary Skentlbery. Warrington-Worldwide.”

“We here at the Killarney Grand offer live bands 7 nights a week, 12 months of the year. With a venue so busy, this is a premier spot for bands to ply their trade and a very high standard is demanded by both management and patrons alike. However every now and again you see something special and unique in a band, and this was certainly the case when we unearthed the SLYDIGS almost 12 months ago. To say they have made a name for themselves here in Killarney would be a massive understatement as they have built up a staggering fan base with their no-holds-barred style of rock and soulful blues. Interest in the band has snowballed since their first gig and we are unindated with requests regards their future shows. As a music promoter the only advice I can offer Dean and lads is to keep doing what yer doing cause ye are most definitely doing it right!! I predict a massive future for the band!”

“Is the U.K. going to have its very own rock revival? Seems likely if SLYDIGS have anything to do with it. The Warrington band played The Workman’s on Tuesday night, and despite the small crowd, the four lads rocked as if they were playing to a packed stadium. Maintaining a huge presence on stage, frontman Dean Fairhust showed his moves as he danced his way across it. Clearly they loved every second of it. And that’s not to mention the crowd, who lapped up each spine-tingling solo and foot-stomping riff. Influenced by every rock band of the last five decades, these guys are as genuine as it comes. Playing a well-balanced mix of their own work with some classic covers thrown in to get the crowd going, they may not be pushing poetic lyrics with deep metaphorical meanings but with music like this it isn’t needed. This is rock ’n’ roll at its purest, as it’s meant to be.”

“Comparisions to old-school Arctic Monkeys and Wolfmother are completely deserved, just add an extra bit of attitude. Can they do for rock what the Black Keys have done in the States? Maybe... maybe not. But having recently signed to Flickknife records and with a debut album on the way in late September, these guys are definitely one to watch. They return to Ireland in late August. Take note. ”

“http://www.hotpress.com/Slydigs/music/reviews/live/Slydigs-live-at-the-Workmans-Club/9082970.html?new_layout=1 ”

“Slydigs, an actual band from Manchester, improve the evening with a slick set that is clearly a product of much practice. With energy to boot, the band are a tornado of great indie music from thudding drum beats and riffs that makes it impossible to keep still. Even if you weren’t a fan of the genre, The Slydigs channel a classic sound with a new generation of music and combine both with a flare and ingenuity that is needed to carry out the show. Their songs such as ‘I Need A Woman’ flow from one to the other without moulding into one long song and from that it is clear that it is not just about playing well; they have put every thought into how and what they are going to play.”

“Review. Waterloo Unsigned - 4th February 2011 With a sound like cross between early Arctic Monkey’s, and Oasis’s, later; more gritty sound. The tunes are well polished, their energy is blistering, and their front man Dean Fairhurst has a voice raw enough that brings these songs to their maximum potential. With tunes such as ‘Electric Love’ and ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll (Turn me on) they’ll get the blood pumping and the head bobbing. They are an excellent listen. More... Visit- http://www.waterloounsigned.com/”

Review. Waterloo Unsigned -

“Review- Band In A Box TV. - 16th November 2010 Slydigs were worthy winners of our last Band In A Box TV show in Manchester on Friday 8th October as they produced a flawless set of music to entertain the masses. They will be heading to our studio next week where we will be producing a filmed profile interview as well as a studio photo shoot, so stay posted as there is a lot more to come from them.”

Review- Band In A Box TV

“Review Last FM - 1st September 2010 SlyDigs are another Mancunian band set on the road of sucess. They have played many gigs to thier name, all over the UK. Overall SlyDigs are a band with great influences and more importantly great talent.”

Review Last FM -

“Review- Jumponmushroom.com - 15th August 2010 The band are going to be headlining the Newton Indie Festival in September this year. If the band keeps on with music like Electric Love they'll be headlining their own frequent tours around the UK! These guys get a 4/5 shrooms from me.”

Review- Jumponmushroom.com

“David Gilmour (Lead Guitar/ Pink Floyd) - 13th August 2010 "Slydigs? Yeah they're ok!"”

David Gilmour (Lead guitarist/ Pink Floyd) - 13th August 2010

“NME - 13th August 2010 5. Slydigs – ‘Electric Love’ Having supported the like of Pete Doherty, New York Dolls, The Fall, Idlewild, Shack and Alabama 3 – this Manchester four piece is well polished but still has that gritty indie rock edge. Listen to the track and find out more about the band on their NME Breakthrough page.”

NME - 13th August 2010

“Review - Liverpool 02 Academy - 12th October 2009 "Only Rock N Roll Can Save Me Now! The Weekend Was A Long Affair! True to their Albion heritage and take-no-shit reputation The Sly Digs tore up the 02 Academy on Sunday night. They walked on the stage without a word, played a tecnicoloured, acid bomb fire of a set. They blasted the back doors off a crowd that was left battered and exhausted in a pool of sweat and beer. Like four professional criminals they ripped into the room, rained song after song of master crafted rock ‘n’ roll blows down on an unsuspecting audience and left the scene whirling in excitement at the spectacle that had just taken place. They came to do a job and they did it with vengeance."”

“ "The crowd maximized when Sly Digs hit the stage with homemade harmonies and a few well represented classics."”

Review- Dry Bar- Glasswerk - 4th December 2008