Slowtruck / Press

““I love the intro to the song. It has a "Simple Man" feeling to it. It makes me want to close my eyes and just breath. Instrumentally this song is great. It gives you a felling of reflection. Lyrically it is simple but it really doesn't much more than that. It lets the emotion instead of the words stand forward. Vocally I love the raw quality of the singers voice. And the low notes are perfect. I do think taking a couple lessons and learning a few techniques would really benefit the singer. When singing the higher notes I hear struggle in your voice not emotion and the vocals don't stand as forward as they should during the high of the songs emotion. I do think that has a lot of hit potential with just a couple tweaks. This song also makes me want to hear more from the artist. The song sounds old and it will be remembered for it's vintage rock qualities.””

““The song brings a soft presence in the entrance to the song. Then it transforms and gets a little more lively. The artist harmonic tone dosen't match to well the instrumentals to this song. I'm loving the transitions in the band”

“The heavy guitar at the beginning of the track sounds really awkward with that shaky entrance. The solo voice and lyrics are good, but the duet parts could be a little more on-key. In general, could be a really great track if some of the timing were more solid. This song seemed a bit too slow, mellow, and overall boring to me, until the great solo piece with higher volume and energy. I would recommend the cut to this awesome jam to occur earlier in the song, because it's the best part and is the attention-grabber.””

““A smooth opening into a heavy guitar rift followed by a voice that reminds me young eddy vedder. The singers voice is good but is not as strong enough or to go with the music which is quite strong. The singers voice needs to be more prominent in the production since it lacks bass. The talent of the musicians is clear but just needs to be refined as does the song in general. Better production can even make the weaker parts of the song better, as in the volume of the instruments seem uneven through some parts. The song lacks a strong hook. While it starts off very strong it, the song loses momentum as it goes on"”

““I love the idea of this song. However, I don't think it's quite ready to be a hit yet. It's raw and it's emotional but it's rough. A little bit of polishing up those raw edges and I think this has potential. Musically the song starts out a little slow and sleepy and then it kind of stays that way. The music backing up the vocals needs to have the same emotion. The vocalists tonality was full of emotion but the music he is singing to doesn't seem to be feeling the same way he does. The song has an old feel to it which I love. All in all I think this could go somewhere but not just yet.””

““The melody is relaxing.The singer has a great voice and puts the real feeling into music.the song is catchy and inspiring.Over the song is great and has meaning i loved everything about the song great work.And heads up to the artist for his inspiring work. this became a favorite of mine.””

““The beginning sounded like a Red Hot chili peppers, which is fantastic for me. The introduction of the guitar beat also gives the tune bonus points in terms of quality and relaxation. Even the vocals sound catchy and phenomenal like the RHCPs. The band has great potential to make it big if they keep producing jams like this one.””

““The cymbal crash intro to the song is great. This song has a very grunge rock feel to it. The instrumental runs a bit long in the intro, my only critique would be to shorten it by a few bars. The vocals are a bit sorted but they song pretty good regardless. They don't mesh as well as they should with the instrumentals but at the same time they sound like the blend amazingly well. I don't know, this song is a true oxymoron”

““I liked the sound of the drums at the start of this track. I think this band had a very talented drum player that gave the track a very good addition. the introduction of this track lasts for a very long time, however. I think that maybe it should not have been as long. I think that this track was alright, the voice of the artist is assertive and welcoming to listen to.”