Slow Children / Press

"[Slow Children] fucking kicked ass! They were the whole reason I staid out this late."

Vinnie Paul - Big V Records/ Pantera/ Hell Yeah

"Very Profound! Definitely in that upper echelon of music ... a head above most albums I have had submitted."

“Rock album of tha year... congrats!”

Nino Dice - Myspace

“[Slow Children] demonstrates its ability to not only smoothly morph from near-metal ("Feeling of Release") to reggae ("Misery for Sale") to pop-rock ("Happy in Hell"), but also ably excel in every style.”

"5 out of 5 Stars"

“I hope you guys can play the show because everyone else sucks now that I've heard your music!”

Josie Woodward - Town Center GAP

“Every time I think I have these guys pegged, they surprise me again. They are fresh and suprisingly original. Two thumbs up!”

“Trust me,you will rule the world!!”

Back Alley Records - Myspace

"[Slow Children] take spectators on a wild excursion, one could only expect the unexpected as the band unleashed its potent repertoire of rich songs laden with progressive moods ranging from the subtle, acoustic and mesmerizing to the heavy, dark and outright sinister."

“The wife mailed your new Album to me here in Iraq. The guys are becomming fans and we listen to it all the time! After I get home I look forward to seein you live again!”

Tyler Corbaley - Myspace

"Slow Children went on last and played some of the most original rock I've heard in Vegas. They had trippy effects with an occasional taste of reggae ala Sublime ... Whatever lessons could be learned from the early 90's, these guys learned them."

“Overall, the mix and flow of the entire album is great! You can really tell that you worked very hard getting this sound right and it's perfect. The cd is stuck in my cd player!”

Marlow - Myspace

“These guys rock the stage every time they perform - If you haven’t seen them live, you’re missing out. ”

"One of the most powerful alt rock combinations that ever plays the acoustic stage in Vegas."

“I listen to your cd pretty much every day. You're awesome!”

Rachel Ogborn - Myspace

"Slow Children was the most original sounding act of the evening varying from hard rock to blues to even a dash of reggae."