Slot 55 / Press

“Slot 55 brings back the album experience with ‘My Reflection’ The album opens up with a crackling record player and “Loaded Gun.” What’s immediately apparent is the strength of Phil Gorlaski’s voice. He has incredible range, control, and personality. The lyrics are particularly powerful in this one as well, likening a frazzled post- breakup emotional state to a loaded gun.”

“The gentlemen of Slot 55, and Rock On Philly’s September Artist of the Month, gave me a few moments out of their studio time to bring me a little more than your cheeky-smiled Q&A. From taking our phone conversation into the bathroom mid-answers and calling out a bandmate’s decision to “clean toilets” over making music, they gave me a not so average glimpse...”

“Slot 55 has been nominated for Best Original Song, Outstanding Lyricist, and Best Video.”