Slippery When Wet / Press

“This band are so hard to categorize because they are so different! Punk Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal and Indie come to mind but most of all the word BRILLIANT! best describes them!!!”

John Watts - Bad Action Manchester UK

“Sup Linda Vee Sado, I enjoyed your track "Bullies in the Schoolyard"..very unique and energetic sound..i love the concept of the track very metaphoric...keep doin ya thang Linda. Whomever that is on the electric guitar is kill'n it..”

SwagHouseProductions - Swag House Ent.

“ Take 5 minutes out of your day to watch Chemtrails Blues featuring the awesome grinding vocals of Linda Vee Sado and the amazing art of David Dees and photography of Jessie Canada-This clip paints a grim picture of our future......Slippery when Wet make concrete blonde sound like marshmallow blonde. ”

Michael Lamb - Facebook

“you guys totally rock! This is the kind of music that i thought was long dead! You're on my favorites. :) ”

Jinx - myspace

“This is very cool stuff, very marketable. Reminds me a little bit of Metric in feel and vocals or Die Mannequin also or The Pretenders, Elastica. The music gets me bumpin my head right away and the vocals are engaging and interesting to listen to I want to listen to what she has to say. Lots of feeling, I believe what's being said because of the great delivery on those vocals. There's so much feeling and expression in that voice! ”

DJ Bonseye - IMRADIO

“if we were in a rock all out war ud be a rock general hells yeah you would”

Aftermath Of Eden - Taltopia

“if tears roll down my cheeks from how kind you are then my cheeks will be slippery when wet and my corrective lenses will slide down my face but its ok i just need to be able to hear not see to listen to your songs”

Aftermath Of Eden - Taltopia

“Your music makes me nostalgic for the 80s”

lead guitarist Sacred Reich - Wiley Arnett