Slim Jenkins / Press

“Slim Jenkins original song “”Six Feet Deep or Mexico” is featured on Elwood's Blues Breaker: https://youtu.be/x0_M3ApiqCM”

“Slim Jenkins original song and music video "Cheatin' Heart" is featured on Elwood's Blues Breaker: http://thebluesmobile.com/elwoods-blues-breaker-slim-jenkins-six-feet-deep-or-mexico/”

“There are no heavy themes on "Lamp Down Low," just a lot of good, hip-swiveling, bourbon-swilling fun, including the opener, "Jet Settin' Girl"; the appropriately dubbed "Mad Dog," a showcase for the drummer McNee, whose nickname yielded the song's title; and the collection's best cut, the rumbling "Six Feet Deep or Mexico."”

“San Francisco’s Slim Jenkins reaches back beyond rockabilly to jazz, blues, and jump blues and delivers a rockin’ punch that lands somewhere between the speakeasies of 1920s America and the big bands of the 1940s war years. This music drips with prohibition booze and the smoke of filterless Lucky Strike smokes....The band’s debut CD, Burnt Toast Black Coffee is a really impressive introduction to these guys....They deliver these songs with grit and feeling. There’s nothing corny or schlocky about this stuff. These guys did it right. The record is full of energy.”

“Slim Jenkins song "It Ain't Right" featured in Blue Bottle Coffee video”

“Suave band out of San Francisco...Tasty mix of blues, jazz, swing and jump side of things...Tunes beautifully classic, arrangements so cool...Whoever is playing that saxophone, pretty hot!”

“If you're ready to get down to a gritty, soulful groove, then it's time to see Slim Jenkins. Singer Justin Oliver learned how to swing dance, and from there he fell in love with the old-time music. For two years, he listened to acts like the Royal Deuces, Pee Wee Crayton and Screamin' Jay Hawkins. After that, he decided to put a band together: Slim Jenkins was born in January 2010. ”