SLICK46 / Press

“Razorcake review for SLICK46 'Young Love' 10'' Vinyl released thru Longshot Music, 2009. What we have here is some street punk of the Aussie variety. Mid-tempo rockers that are pretty much the definition of tough! Seriously, I can imagine the singer sitting around and crunching pint glasses after he’s drained each one. Another refreshing thing about these guys is that they’re not flying the patriotism and working class pride trappings that so many bands of the genre get caught up in. Sure, there’s some ranting about the rich and poor, but it’s done in almost a poetic way. Also, I’m trying to figure out if it’s the music or my rampant alcoholism that’s making me sweat for beers when I’m listening… I’ll pin it on Slick 46 for now. Good stuff! (Ty Stranglehold)Razorcake June '09”

“Maximum Rock N Roll review for SLICK46 'Young Love' 10'' Vinyl Seems like any good Oi! band worth its weight in glue comes from The Land Down Under, this 10'' proving no exception. Ballsy and direct,with those massive football-terrace chanted choruses backed by a no-frills, no-spills rock 'n' roll drive. Like a less wimpy Anti-Heroes mixed with a more direct Deadline. (SD) MRR Nov '09. (Longshot Music)”