Sleepytime Gorilla Museum / Press

"In Glorious Times is a vicious beast of a record, oodles darker and freakier and more Teutonic than the previous two..."

"The Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is comprised of some of the most mysterious, befuddling, and downright weird musicians ever to show their odd faces..their newest forage into the world of avant-garde musicianship confirms that they're just beginning to let their archaic ideas flow."

"If you’re unfamiliar with the neck-breaking work of the Museum, consider this as good a place to start as any. In Glorious Times comes highly recommended for fans of dramatic, forward-thinking rock."

"All the familiar SGM elements are here: angular, slightly skewed melodies, incessant tension-building, stunningly wide-ranging vocals, and various unusual instruments that give the whole album a deliciously unconventional timbre..a top-notch effort from one of today's most vital bands."

"In Glorious Times is dense, intense, extremely technical, very complex and seriously quirky - and it sounds like nothing you've heard before. It deserves a huge audience..and it deserves its full 5-star rating."