Sleepthief / Press

“The song is inspired by the wish that all of us has experienced in life: the yearning to find someone who could love us and understands us, but not always is meant to happen. So, it is quite bittersweet, melancholic, sad, though soaring and uplifting also thank you to Jody Quine amazing work on backing vocals. I think they add a lot more to the whole atmosphere. Music, as usual, is thoroughly crafted, with lots of layers starting from electronica to strings and piano. What makes Sleepthief music stands out in my opinion is his ability in expressing feelings and conveying it to his audience. It is not by chance that all of us are always so moved by his songs.”

““Mortal Longing” is the first single from the upcoming EP and it has a guest appearance of Jody Quine. She is a singer-songwriter from Canada and worked with Elswick before in 2002. The more I listen to this emotional song, the more I fall for its charm. It opens with an intro that quickly sets the atmosphere. Soon everything pauses and beautifully Jody Quine starts to sing. What I enjoy is, that the song hold the same pace with little variations. The song creates an dreamy sensation and it gives the listener something extra. I really like the video of this song, because it fits perfectly with the melody. The video is directed by Eric Hueber and Justin Elswick”

“The twelve tracks on Sleepthief's second album Labyrinthine Heart not only illustrate the talents of eight stunning vocalists whose stories are contained in the interviews available above, but also the stunning composition and production talents of Justin Elswick and Israel Curtis.”